Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Out of Sorts

Yep, I sure am.

Umpteen amounts of work finished yet not paid for. Hey folks, don't you think I have bills to pay? One guy has left a set of keys here for over 2.5 weeks. Doesn't even bother to reply to two voice mail messages I have left him. What am I to assume, deceased?

Driveway work continues next door. What a mess. I hope, for their sake, they are paying very little as I don't think the guy has much of a clue as to what he's doing. With any luck, it should last a year. After that...mud hole...I would think. I've been moving my truck out on to the street in front of the house as they have been parking their machinery all over the place, blocking my drive, on the private way (yep), even blocking the right of way nearby! Today, when the guy arrived with his big truck, I went out to move mine. "You don't need to move it. It won't be in our way, " he says. HIS WAY! More like HE'LL be in MY way. So I didn't. Guess what.

You got it.

I'm blocked in. One of his trucks, and then the homeowner arrived and parked at the other end of the PRIVATE way. They are going to have to move 'cause I need to go to the bank.

Then to top it all off...Our wonderful state of Massachusetts has passed it's transportation legislation. Which includes a clause that permits the Department of Motor Vehicles to license ILLEGAL aliens. Excuse me but WTF? They are in our country illegally and Massachusetts is going to give them a driver's license????

I'm trying to get some stuff accomplished today. No work, so it's probably a good time to get to the to-do list. I changed all the batteries in our smoke/fire detectors. Except the one in my mom's family room. By code, it is installed about 1.5 feet down from the peak of the cathedral ceiling. I'm guessing about 15 feet up there. It's a two hand job to disconnect it from the electric portion and do the battery replacement and get it plugged back in and up there. I don't do heights. I'm okay if I can hold on, but can't with this. I think the code enforcement guy from the fire department should have to come out and help. So, the 10 foot step ladder is up from the cellar, in place, and ready for use. Now I've just got to find someone who actually knows how to do it.

Looking towards an improved afternoon but I think I'm overly optimistic.


Annette said...

My god, that was intersting about harry, although it must have been very frightening for you.
As for hearing little footsteps and then him stopping suddenly when he sees you as if in shock, it makes you wonder just how many years he had been looking for whoever he was looking for.(mum,dad, family?) Then suddenly you appear.My god, fascinating.
I know I read about him but could not remember the ending.
Thanks very much.

deb said...

Those were good years, happy years.

As for Harry, he would have been looking for near 100 years!