Thursday, December 26, 2013

Martha's People Must Have People

We had a very nice Christmas.  Hope you did, too.  Everything went along pleasantly, even if one of our guests for Christmas dinner is never very pleasant.  And even though mom has a bad cold (that I think I may have caught).  Even though Mrs. Smith's frozen (ready to cook) pies were a huge disappointment with over-spiced pumpkin pie and crunchy peaches in the peach pie (I shall make them from scratch from now on).
Santa arrived at our house, 2013
We were fortunate to have had Santa deliver many good things under the tree and we are thankful for that.  Mostly we are happy that we can spend the holidays with each other and with friends.  But I do have to mention one gift...

On my Christmas list this year was a roasting pan.  I know, I know, not the most commonly requested item for Santa to deliver.  Mom didn't do too well with it, wrapping up an 8 quart stockpot (rather than roaster) with Martha Stewart's name on the product.  Mom realized that she had goofed when she was doing her gift wrapping and read the box where it said "cannot be used in oven".  The lovely salesclerk at Macy's, when specifically asked, had assured her that it could be used in the oven. At the wrapping point she figured we'd just return it after Christmas and try to find the correct item.  So, I decided to look at all the little icons on the side of the box and...Martha Stewart hasn't a clue.  The folks that work for her development team must have slave laborers working for them. 

Not only can you not use it in the oven, it is not dishwasher safe!  These days, who on earth would make pots and pans that you can't put in the dishwasher?  Oh, but it does suggest that this pot will look lovely displayed on a hanging rack.

Martha Stewart must have peons washing pots by hand for her.