Saturday, November 26, 2011

At Other Times

Times that I haven't been working or out and about, I've done a couple new paintings.  In gouache.  The first was done back in September and is based on a wonderful photograph that 'R' took of the Annisquam River.

The second I just finished and is from a photo I took up in Newburyport.

They need titles before I can post them to the Flickr account.

I've started on an oil painting that should, if all goes as planned, be an interesting, textural view of the Cape Ann Tool Company.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy Turkey Day

These two are as they aren't the chosen ones!
Two buddies at Raymond's Turkey Farm

Saturday, November 19, 2011

When the Cows Come Home

or is that the saints marching in?

Mall Avoidance

'Tis the season.


We always try to beat the crowds and get the majority of Christmas shopping done before Thanksgiving.  There are normally a few little things left to find and purchase after Turkey Day has passed to get one out among the throngs of crazed, to-the-mall drivers to sustain that holiday spirit!
Step in to the past

So...a few days ago 'R' and I trucked on up to Newburyport to look in the specialty shops there for one specific gift.  No luck.
The old luncheonette

But we had a good morning of it anyway and stopped for coffee at Fowle's.  Not much has changed there since it was built although now it's just a fully stocked newstand in one half and a counter or booth luncheonette in the other.

We roamed around long enough to have to stop for lunch on the way home.

A step back in time time.

Saturday, November 05, 2011

I Love New Toys


 I mean tools.

Old tools new to me.

Found this gem at the dump!

I'm sure to find some use for it.

Things have been very busy around here.  As I type, I'm waiting for a tech to arrive with a set of piano keys needing work.  Another set is in the works in the shop, more were sent out during the past week.  I finished up a big melodeon rebuild job and that left on Tuesday.
Whitney melodeon from 1857

Then there's this thing on Tuesday night that I have been preparing for...for ages.  I'm giving a presentation on the Manning Organ Company for the Sandy Bay Historical Society.  I hate public speaking and I'm very uncomfortable about giving the talk.  Anyway, it's a PowerPoint slide show, complete with a recording of four pieces of music that Manning wrote.  Many, many thanks to 'R' who took my rough recording of a client playing the music and turned it into a quite acceptable CD.  So, be thinking good thoughts for me on Tuesday night, folks.

Can't wait until THAT's done.