Tuesday, February 26, 2013


The 'Snow Moon' last night

My goodness!  The email/web/Internet in my world is nuts right now.  I can't wait for some of it to sort out.

Well, I guess that I CAN wait...and I will.

It's like this:  I have a primary email account.  Currently that account handles personal emails, historic society emails, and two separate piano technician related groups.  There is a big shift happening with the piano groups.  The main group is being dissolved, yet the members don't want that to happen.  A replacement format has been instituted (group 2) that the vast majority of the main group don't like.  The talk is to abandon ship.  Sooooooo, that brings us to the web based piano groups.  I already belong to a group that discusses piano stuff.  It's open to anyone, so it is not very technician based.  Now I've subscribed to two alternate piano tech groups that are determined to replace the main group.  These are the folks from the main group who have abandoned the 'official' new format.  Both these two new groups are Google based and I receive them through Gmail.  I could change one of them over to my primary email if I choose, but the other is a Google+ format that sticks with Gmail.

So, that's two email address...each handling two piano groups, plus other stuff.

Still with me?

Good, because there's more!

There are my two Yahoo email accounts.  The one tied to this blog that also gets a lot of advertising because of using it when signing up for things like BFF Friendly's or Staples.  It also handles my Facebook notifications. The second Yahoo account is my business email.  Somehow the business email also ended up as the spot where I receive two other Yahoo group news digests.

Of course I also have an email through my website.  Thankfully that forwards through to my primary email account.

How many is that?  Ummm (counting off on fingers)...5.

And the non-email places where I write, kind of at my leisure...here at my blog, my personal Facebook page, my business Facebook page, and my website.

I'm tired.

Sunday, February 17, 2013


Most of you know that I hate winter.  Yep, snow is pretty and all if only it didn't make for work shoveling, nasty driving, mud when it thaws, wet socks when someone tracks it in to the house and cold temps. 

Even worse is snow when it is windy.

Overnight and today we are predicted to have 4 - 6 inches of the white stuff.  Not bad until you add wind gusts over 35 mph.  So...once again we have drifting snow.  A pain to shovel.  Nothing in all the wrong places and too much where you don't want it.  You no sooner move it and it's back where you don't want it again.

Phase one has been completed.  You'd never notice it by looking out the window.  Phase two will be at noon.  'A' has to be at work at 3 p.m.  Hopefully the storm will be over by then.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Blizzard Finale

This video was posted on Youtube by BearskinNeck.net.  Although somewhat redundant, it gives an idea of the day after the blizzard.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Blizzard - The Day After

Since we have dug out, since being on the roads is allowed once again, since, well, since sometimes you just have to go out and have a look...
Sweats?  No sweat at 18°
Frosted starfish
The Tavern (the Pewter Shop)
Plastered with ice.  Buildings along North Road sustained damaged on their water sides.
At the corner of North Road...debris at bottom are rocks...and shingles from a neighboring building
Just a little digging to do!

Saturday, February 09, 2013

The Latest Pics

The garden shed...waiting for Spring
 Done shoveling for the morning.
My back drive totally drifted in
 Waaay too much snow and drifting!  It doesn't really show in the pictures.
Looking out the sliding doors to the deck with 5 foot drift (what deck?)
  Drifts are up to four feet.  Good spots are bare!  Evacuations are underway along the low lying coastal areas and there is the rumor that a house on Salt Island Road in Gloucester is in danger of heading out to sea.

Friday, February 08, 2013

Second Post - Starting the Worst

Looking across the front yard
 It is nasty out there.  I've been out twice kinda shoveling.  First time I did everything.  My drive, my mom's and our three walks. 
Mr. Cat in hibernation

This last time, with horizontal snow at somewhere above 35 mph, I did around the cars and just my porch and the front walk.  That's it for tonight.  I expect to wake up to something between one and two feet and drifts.  My back drive will take days to clear, it is totally drifted in.
Mr. Cat's view of my truck
Minimum of twelve more hours to go and just starting the worst part.

First Post of THE Blizzard

This is mostly for those of you who do not 'do' Facebook.  Where I have posted the weather map from The Weather Channel.
Here we go!
We are going to have a blizzard here in the northeast.  It started snowing about an hour ago and will continue until sometime late Saturday afternoon.  The governor of Massachusetts has requested that all vehicles other than emergency and DPW etc. be off the roads after noon today.  No driving folks.  Guess that means I have a very good excuse not to drive A to work today.  She's supposed to be there 2:30 - 6:30.  By 7 p.m. they are expecting widespread white-out conditions.  She'll call in to say she will not be there today!  Thankfully she has tomorrow as a day off.  She worked extra hours yesterday as the store was swamped with shoppers.  As of 8 last night there was no bottled water, no milk, about 10 (or less) loaves of bread, and very little in the prepared foods aisle.  The produce shelves were near bare.

Noting other spots...our bank is closing at 2 p.m. today and will not be open tomorrow.  The dump will be closed tomorrow and open on Monday instead.  All schools are closed today.  There is NO on-street parking through tomorrow night.  Most events have been postponed.  In less than an hour, most everything will be shut down!

High tide is expected to be a problem.

I have no tunings scheduled for today.  I do have to sets of keys in the shop and I've been working on them so that they are past the 'need power' to finish stage.  At least one set will be able to be shipped on Monday no matter what...well, as long as the shipping place has power!  The other set hasn't been prepaid so I'm not so concerned about the time frame.  They know I will not return ship unless they are paid up.

We are prepared for the storm.  Plenty of food and water in case we are snowed in for weeks (grin).  Four shovels.  Both vehicles are parked in the front so that there will be less shoveling to get out.  The other shoveling can happen after the main driveway.  A and I went out this morning and checked on our 94 y/o friend AK who just got home from the hospital yesterday and we stopped at the pharmacy for a few things for my mom.  Other than shoveling periodically, we are housebound for the duration.

Of course I'll take some pictures and post here (as long as I have power!).
We're under that mess somewhere!

Here's a satellite view at about noon!  Looks like a decent day in Dunedin, FL.
Update:  The Governor of Massachusetts has officially BANNED vehicles on the roads after 4 p.m. today.  Emergency crews, etc. only.  The roads will be closed.