Tuesday, August 31, 2010


is what I'm trying to remain.  Most days I do okay with it.  Sometimes not so good.  I'm working out some details on life things that are too involved to report on here. 

Anyway, the other night when we were going through the old photos, I came across a favorite.
Al's yellow Harley

Now that's a cheerful bunch of people.  The photo is labeled Picnic at Summit Grove.  Family and friends having a good time...my dad taking everyone for a ride around the block on his motorcycle.  It seems it was my great aunt Alice's turn.  She could be quite the cut-up.

Of course this picture was taken a few years before I was around, but I still remember many of those simpler, happy days and I miss them.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Seeing As It Is Still August...

I feel okay posting this.

Dad's envelope art, 1945
Mom and I were going through old photos and whatnot this evening and I came across the drawing above.  This drawing was done by my dad and decorated the envelope of the first uncensored letter that he sent home to his parents.  The postmark is September 2, 1945.  In the letter he relates the jubilant atmosphere aboard ship with both radio and jukebox blaring simultaneously, the rumors of the voyage back to the states, and the anticipation of going ashore in Japan the next morning after 66 consecutive days at sea with no anchorage.  He also mentioned that the bugler was so ecstatic that when he played reveille that morning, he put a little swing into it and was immediately thrown into the brig!  My dad was an original crew member of the USS Alabama, thus a plank owner.  He served on the Alabama as Chief Fire Controlman.

As a kid, I was always in awe of the little envelope drawing.  Kinda still am.

Monday, August 23, 2010


Stopped at the downtown loo while on our morning walk.  I've seen other people taking this picture, so I thought, oh why not...

The Steinway on stage at The Loo
So there it is, on a clammy, dreary, and soggy day.

Friday, August 20, 2010

A New Experience

Aerial of my neighborhood in FL
 I've been officially welcomed to the new century.  Yeah, I'm a bit slow.  Well, I was.  Now I have DSL service!  So...in the midst of having to do some changing around of emails and changing notifications on various accounts, I discovered that Blogger was moving ahead, too.  So this is my first post using yet another new, improved version of Blogger.  Over the next few posts I'll be checking out some of the features.  Back is the Strikethrough feature so I can change my mind as often as I want.  See?  And photos are supposed to be drag and drop, so the one I tried to insert here:   Should now be here:  Did it work?  Hmmm...Okay, I guess I don't get that one!  But I did get it to change from center to left and small to medium.  (My house is as close to center in the photo as you can get.)  Back to reading up on features.

Saturday, August 14, 2010


Oh yes, we did. And now I need a vacation where I can split the time doing my kinds of things and relaxing. All in all, this little getaway of the three gals wasn't as disastrous as it had the potential of being. We all managed to get along and we did have some fun times. I'd just like to get beyond the whining when something doesn't work out exactly as someone anticipated, or the bored looks when there is the slightest moment of inactivity. Sometimes it's just nice to sit and look around, or aimlessly wander and maybe discover an interesting tidbit. Ah well, two and a half days of "what are we doing next?" can tire a person.

What we did do next involved a lot of shopping and very little buying...at least on my part. 'A' managed to spend the most, of course. On clothes - the gal could clothe an entire small country. Mom only spent some change on a cookie cutter and I bought a few postcards. Our biggest expenditures were on accommodations and a major outing by train.

Seems the North Conway area is extremely overbooked no matter the time of year. The last few weeks before the school year begins brings new meaning to "no room at the inn". We did finally find a suite that was considerably overpriced, but weighing spending half a day looking for the potentially non-existent something better, grabbed it and settled in. After some afternoon shopping, Amanda and I played 18 holes of miniature golf at Pirate's Cove. We chose the 'Blackbeard's Challenge', having tried the other course a couple years ago. Neither of us approach the play with any type of competitive attitude...just fun. I did beat her by 13 points, though!

Our next biggest expense was a super cool trip on the 'Notch Train' from North Conway to Crawford Notch. An outstanding trip in my book, mom thought it was okay, 'A' came in third with a not enjoying it so much. Anyway, there was beautiful scenery, interesting towns, historic sites, and generally just lots to look at.

Some of the pictures in this post are taken from the train ride. Including this one of our train personnel relaxing at the Crawford Depot before the return trip.

Sunday, August 08, 2010

How Much

...am I suppose to put up with?

This week is 'A's vacation week. Mom and 'A' want to do something so, per the norm, I must be involved as official driver, organizer, and (duck quickly) ...go between.

They decided, once again, despite the fact there could be upteen places other than 'the same old place' to go to the White Mountains.

I HAVE to be here Monday morning to ship some keys. Then 'A' decides that she wants to be here Tuesday, for some TV show grand finale marathon airing. What can I say? The stuff is important to her. Mom watches the weather (for here, not the destination) and decides that the weather will not be good enough for a Wednesday, Thursday, Friday trip. She wants to leave on Tuesday.

See what's going to happen?

'A' says she won't go then. Or maybe even not at all. Mom's mad because she doesn't understand the importance of 'A's TV plans. Honestly, I'm not thrilled about that taking precedence, either, but it is her vacation time.

So today works out like this: 'A' is in a bad mood. Sulking. Hardly a word to say to anyone, never mind making it a pleasant word. I finished the kitchen tiling for Mom, just to work off some of the anger I was building up. Mom spends the latter part of the afternoon and dinnertime not speaking to me.

Fool that I seem to be in all this, I decide to try one more time. First I approach 'A'. And she agrees to a Wed. through Fri trip. Weather pending. Then I go to Mom, who denies giving me the silent treatment and starts arguing about 'A's behavior (even manages to dredge up everything she can think of to throw in the mix). Mom wouldn't give me a definitive answer so I pushed it a little. Managed to get her to say that she would go Wed. through Fri. weather being good enough. Then she adds...but it won't be and that's the only reason I'm agreeing.

Since then, they have both approached me with argumentative overtones. I'm not biting. 'A' came close to giving up her Tuesday, then came in to tell me that the weather didn't look bad for the end of the week. Who knows?

What I do know is that, once again, both of them have shoved all blame, evidently, in my direction. At the very least I am being punished for trying to please each of them. Both say that I do more for the other. I say...

I'm going to start saving for my own trip. And as soon as it's possible, I'm going. Without them.

Saturday, August 07, 2010

Have You Missed Me?

Mmmm, that's what I thought.

Oh well.

I've been busy. Most of the stuff I've been enjoying. There has been other stuff, too. Like tiling the backsplash in my mom's kitchen. It's almost done with just the grouting to do. Not today. Probably not tomorrow, either. While I was using a rented wet saw on Tuesday, to cut all the partial tiles that were needed, this flew over.Nearly a couple dozen times. Looked military. I haven't heard anything explaining it and, as I predicted, nothing was written up in the local paper about it. I think they were just practicing right turns (that's all they did until they left). Hahaha!I like the clouds better in this picture.

I had a set of keys come in to the shop. The customer wanted something very yellow to match the discolored keys that the customer had become used to seeing. I called in a special order, they sent the wrong thing. I called and explained, returned the wrong ones and waited for the correct shipment. It arrived. It wasn't correct. It was the same as the previous wrong item. Bleck, called the supplier again and got told I was wrong...even though I had a supplier sample sitting right in front of me and it was different than what they sent. I gave up. I worked it out with my customer.

Our neighbor is finally getting a new fence. This is the same neighbor that got a 'new' drive put in last year. The drive that is slowly washing away and growing weeds in it. Anyway, this is a good thing because their fence has been falling apart, piece by piece, on to our property...or leaning so far over I've had to be careful backing out of my parking area.

'A' and I have been doing a lot of walking. The weather has been a bit uncooperative with high temps and humidity, but we've managed at least an hour each day. Sometimes two.Here's some determined squash growing over shrubbery on Pleasant Street.And an evening beach view from the end of the walk alongside the Toad Hall Bookstore.

So that's what I can tell you about what I've been up to.

And if you didn't miss me...I'll admit, I...