Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Keystone Bridge

Keystone Bridge viewed facing west
"R" and I took a little walk over by Granite Pier to take a look at the Keystone Bridge (Granite Street/Route 127 passes over the bridge).  There is to be a Conservation Commission meeting next week about the DPW's plan to cut back the overgrowth in the area.  This will include some trees and they have been marked with red paint streaks.  Our bank, the Granite Savings Bank is sponsoring a portion of the work and the hope is that there will be a granite bench placed somewhere near the bridge along with a plaque about the history of the bridge.
Flat Ledge Quarry (the cut and bridge enabled quarried stone to be easily transported to the pier to be loaded on boats)
Anyway, we thought we wanted to check it out.  I'll probably be representing the historical society at the Conservation Commission meeting.
Looking toward the coast from just west of the span
The work that they are proposing and the trimming and tree thinning seems appropriate.  Personally, I think it could be more radical!
A keystone bridge of dry fit granite blocks!
It is a really pretty area, supposedly off limits as it is town water supply.  No trespassing and posted so.  Makes me wonder about the bench and plaque.  Oh well, this is Rockport and everyone seems to trespass just like we did.

Saturday, October 04, 2014

Walking in the Fog of a Saturday Afternoon

'A' and I are restarting our efforts toward fitness with a few long walks each week.  Here are some scenes from today.
Mill Pond
The ducks are back
Foggy Front Beach
Driftwood next to Toad Hall Bookstore
Late summer flowers at the former GAR Hall
Pears delivered fresh to the table!
and lobsters direct to the restaurant