Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Change is Good.......Bills are Better

The first half of the week has been swinging in extremes. I was convinced by Monday evening that things were not going well and probably wouldn't for the rest of the week. I really goofed on Monday. For the second time in fourteen years, I forgot to go to an appointment with a customer. Totally my fault. It was in my appointment book for Monday, but every time that I looked at it, I saw Tuesday. I don't know why. I know, only twice in fourteen years isn't bad, but it still makes me angry at myself.

Well, we all went to Skip's, in Merrimac MA, for a late lunch. Got home at around 4 p.m. to a pile of messages on the answering machine. One was the customer. I was supposed to be at her house at 2. Oops. I called her immediately, apologized profusely, and rescheduled for Tuesday. Phew.

Tuesday rolls around and I'm super conscious of the time! Before leaving for the half hour drive to the customer's house, I did a quick email check. Email was not good. I found out that a good friend's father-in-law is very ill. I feel so bad, wish there was something I could do, know there really isn't. I wish we lived closer, at least for hugs. So, prayers that he is soon better.

I found a nickel Tuesday.

Today the sun is finally out again. I get feeling so sunshine deprived when it's gloomy for more than a day! I awoke early, very early and couldn't get back to sleep. Thoughts and wishes heading north to friends.

Had breakfast and coffee while watching "our" chipmunk stare down a squirrel. Tough little guy. This evening I'm having dinner with some friends and discussing some ideas for a forum they want me to lead. Yikes! This really is not my thing. I hope we keep it a small group and very informal. I've been going over some ideas in my head.

Today, I found exactly one half of a five dollar bill. Hmmmm....
I looked around the same area, and guess what? I found the other half! Yippeee! Of course I've already spent it on flowers for tonight.

So...yesterday a nickel, today a five dollar bill, tomorrow.....five hundred dollar bills?

Sunday, August 27, 2006

After You (are you sure?)

Some people..........

We drive part of the newspaper route on Saturday mornings. The papers have to be out before 9 a.m., we have to "assemble" them, and they are generally pretty heavy. So I decided part of the route would be best driven and notices were given to those customers that their papers would be in their driveways on Sat. rather than at the doors. It's hilarious! We are not very adept at throwing papers from a moving (little) pick-up truck. We do piles of giggling! Anyway, as I am waiting to pull out of a side street on to the main road, a car flashes headlights and comes to a stop to let me out. There was one car coming from the opposite direction and was very close. I had to wait just seconds before pulling out. Just as *I* got halfway out the guy who had stopped for me decides to hit the gas pedal. Geez! He nearly hit me broadside. I really gave him a glare in disbelief! Next time he is being courteous I hope he means it.

Later in the day, we head for the bank. The parking lot is overflowing with cars, but we manage a space. When we get in the bank there are a lot of people milling around and doing their paperwork at the "desks". Not a soul in line. So, I am first in line and my daughter is behind me. A teller becomes available so I'm all set. As I'm waiting at the teller, I hear another teller ask for the next in line. I look back expecting my daughter to be heading for the counter and I see this woman just walk right up from the lobby, past everyone, to the teller. And no, she wasn't blind! I would have said something like. "excuse me, I believe that I was next in line", but my daughter didn't.

Some people.....are totally oblivious to the fact that there is anyone else in the world besides themselves!

I wish I could have hidden at home for the rest of the day. Not so lucky. I had to go work on a nickelodeon. I thought I would finish up the job, but there are a couple quirky things happening that I have yet to figure out the solutions to, so not done yet. When I get the job done I'll post some pictures. It's a really cool instrument and gambling machine.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Walking and Waving, People and Perks

I used to belong to a fitness center. Between my daughter and I, and paying the fees for the center and for a personal trainer, I was spending a few hundred dollars a month. The combination of the training and divorce stress enabled me to lose 30 pounds. I was thrilled! If I could only figure a way to stay slim (without divorce)! When we moved north that all ended. I walk over 4 miles, 6 days a week. I've gained some weight but not much (and I had quit smoking when we moved). My daughter started delivering newspapers and I walked with her. Gee, she was making the money, losing weight, and having me help deliver. Huh? I decided to take on some of the route myself. I love it. Okay, not so much in the cold and rain. But, now, you see, I get paid to exercise! Beats paying a gym. Over the last two years I've gone through 4 pairs of walking shoes. Not bad. The fun part is the people.

First we started waving to people we knew who were driving by us while we walked. Then we made a few mistakes and waved to the wrong cars. They waved anyway. Now they wave all the time! I wave to the police (always good to be nice to them), the DPW workers (they pretend to aim for me sometimes), friends (of course), my electrician, my plumber and another one (his wife and kids, too), the guy who delivers Meals On Wheels, Todd Oil trucks, customers, neighbors, and on and on! Some people toot as they pass, just to say hi out loud! People probably think I'm a bit strange.

A few weeks ago, my mom and I were looking through my high school yearbook. My French teacher, Mr. Durand, had written, "to the girl who always waves to a green VW bus" (his car, of course). Guess I've been at it for awhile!

My mom's yearbook got looked at too. Under "ambition" one girl had written, "To live life so that everyone will be glad they knew me." I like that.

Today I got thinking about the strange perks of walking - finding stuff. Today I found a bungee cord, a 3/8" socket, and a dime. The best thing I found was a ten dollar bill! I do find lots of bungee cords. And also, a large spool of string, a screw driver, a cell phone (which got turned in to the police station), and a checkbook (police got that, too). For awhile I was finding large quantities of pennies on one particular street corner.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Running in all Directions

I need a break! It's not so much that I haven't had "time off' from piano work, I have. It's just that my time off seems to be filled with running errands, making phone calls, and entertaining guests. And I don't mind any of that but it seems to come all at once! I have fit in a bit of piano work in between the rest - just to keep up with things.

A friend came for the afternoon, yesterday. We've known each other for 33 years, but only sporadically visit. We had lunch at Ellen's Harborside and then went for a walk and to look in the shops on Bearskin Neck. Fortunately the weather had cleared and it was a pleasant day. She brought a delicious banana bread (how did she know that I had neglected to keep track of time and burnt one that I was baking the day before?). At dinner time my folks wanted to get hamburgers at Skip's. That made for a long car ride! By the time I caught up with everything else that I had neglected for the day it was after 11 p.m. I'm tired today!

My day started with the usual 4 mile walk, then some shop work, and lunch over email. I got a very nice thank you from Sue. Made my day. Here it is:

Hi Deb,
Thanks for a lovely day yesterday; lunch was great and I love what you've done with your new digs! Your creativity and resourcefulness always amaze me.. I also envy your ability to tackle all that life throws at you and still bounce back with a smile. If only more people exhibited your strength, calm and personal power. Pat yourself on the back for me!! I always enjoy our walks and talks. Thanks again, Sue

And I was eating the banana nut bread while reading it!

Listened to a friend on a radio show. I only caught the last half as the interview started a half hour earlier than planned. The segment was about her book, Net Crimes & Misdemeanors. It's a fantastic book and an essential resource for anyone going online. Buy it!

Then...yep, off again! This time to the woodworking store for some supplies to complete a reed organ I'm working on. Next stop the Toyota dealership to pick up the little (ahem, $50) hubcap that I had ordered (mine had been stolen), and on to the mall for some shopping. I bought a couple more 5 Brown's CDs (that's a hint that at least two of you will be seeing the CD at your doors). Got home in time for a late dinner and once again a late night catching up on other "fun" stuff and correspondence.

Gee, maybe tomorrow I can have a restful day just working!

Sunday, August 20, 2006

My New CD

I don't often buy CDs. Mostly because it takes me forever to find or hear about something that I want to own. Last year I saw "The Five Browns" on a morning TV show. I was really impressed. They are five brothers and sisters performing on piano. I wanted their CD and my daughter bought it for me as a gift. It is a dual Disc, CD and DVD. Great fun. Well, they have another CD that came out this past April. While I was at Best Buy the other day, I decided to take a look. Hooray! I found it and it's fantastic. I am so excited! There are 15 selections and only one (number 12) that I'm not too fond of. I am soooo impressed, not only with their obvious ability, but with how extraordinarily well they perform together as a team AND individually. I think a few friends just may be getting this CD as a Christmas gift this year!