Thursday, March 31, 2011

In Case Anyone's Wondering

I don't imagine that this has been a pressing question interrupting the flow of any of your days....
Here's little gouache painting number two:

It's just 5 X 7  (8 X 10 with matte and frame). It looks better in person...really.  Actually it's just occurred to me, since the gouache paintings are small and on paper, I could scan them into the computer rather than photograph them.  Might  turn out better. Dumb me.

I haven't titled it yet.  Any suggestions?

Saturday, March 26, 2011


News Flash!  Deb has been asked to have a one person exhibit of her artwork!

Yippeeeee!  Until suddenly she realizes that she may not have enough stuff.

It's not a big show.  It's not even a formal gallery show.  But nevertheless it will be being seen in Rockport and at a location that seems to have made a 'thing' of their small 'gallery'.  More on all that when the month...September...gets closer.

Right now Deb is trying to put together enough to fill the walls.  She has gone through her oil paintings, large and small, and her photographs.  Currently she is working on a small selection of sell-able-sized paintings in gouache.  Gouache is an opaque watercolor.  (It sort of feels like working with liquid chalk!) These might sell well as the size (6 X 9 plus matte and frame should bring it to 9 X 12) and pricing will be good.

Here's the first (huh, it lost some of the blue-gray sky and clouds) of probably a half dozen or so:

The Estate

Monday, March 21, 2011

Super Sized

That's what the full moon was supposed to be on Saturday night.  So...I picked 'A' up from work, we grabbed a snack, and headed to...

Land's End with a view of Thacher Island.

I correctly assumed that it would be THE spot to view the moonrise.  So did many other people.  The usually vacant area of rocky coastline was crawling with moon-gazers.  It was rather difficult to find a spot to park in the little, muddy cul-de-sac but I managed to scoot the truck up a hump along the edge and 'A' and I hiked out on the rocks to wait.

And wait.

I was glad we had arrived early considering the crowded parking situation.

There were several 'pros' out there with their very cool camera set ups.  Long lenses for getting those 'squished' shots that would really accentuate the size of the moon as it made it's ascent in the sky next to the lighthouses.  They had tripods, too.  I own two tripods and forgot to bring either of them.  Should have remembered.

Thankfully the moon cooperated and peeked over the island, rather than further north or south which would have caused a massive, crazy exodus, and it was super-sized.  A funky red-orange colored globe rising between the two lighthouses of Thacher Island.

So I took a slew of photographs and cursed myself for no tripod...oh well.  And my moon doesn't look as spectacularly large as the ones that those with the long lenses will see. We had fun anyway.

Friday, March 18, 2011

It Just Goes to Show Ya...

You can't believe everything you read.

The new issue of Cape Ann Magazine is out and, yes, they put in some photographs of the Opening Reception of the Contributing Members Show at the RAA.
This kind of thing evidently gets put in their Party People section.

Hardly.  While I do enjoy getting together with friends, small social gatherings, or even meeting up with colleagues at a 'convention', I would not consider myself a party person.  Mom definitely isn't.
(Photo credit: Brianna Moore)

So...there I am on the left, next to my painting.  That's mom on the right.  'A' didn't want to be in the photograph.  Of course and as you may recall, Mom and I weren't too keen on participating, either. 

Free publicity wins over hating to be photographed.

Thursday, March 03, 2011


So I suppose I haven't written and complained about much in some time.  I'm not going back to see how long it was but I would assume it most likely had something to do with snow.

This is different.

For some time now I have been noticing an increase in the amount of beyond expiration date food items on grocery store shelves.  I first noticed it at the now itself expired I.G.A. at the Whistlestop Mall in Rockport.  The I.G.A. was quite convenient to run to when, at the last minute, it became obvious that the teeny bit of milk left in the jug would not be enough for morning cereal, or that peanut butter sandwich that earlier sounded okay enough for lunch no longer held any appeal come noon.  Convenience lost it's appeal when we were traipsing back to return items long out of date.  Come on, a Stouffer's Mac & Cheese that expired in 2009?

So, I.G.A. is now closed and the majority of our shopping is done at the Stop & Shop on Bass Avenue.  Has this helped?  Not a chance.  I think they have decided to take over where I.G.A. left off!  Will I buy milk on the day that is the same as the buy by date?  Nope.  I checked a few days later and it was all still on the shelf!  Is Stop & Shop alone in this apparent negligence to remove expired items from it's shelves?

Oh no.  We stopped at Shaw's on Eastern Avenue to buy some breakfast items.  The next morning, when opening the box, lo and behold, the box read sell by Dec. 4, 2010.  Later that day we returned the item and went to yet another store, Market Basket.

Market Basket, at the Gloucester Crossing shopping center, is the 'new' competition on the island.  Maybe they would be more alert to quality.  You would think, huh?  Not so.  Although we replaced the Shaw's returned item with one that had a sell by date some 4 months in the future, we did a random check and found several different items, still on shelves, past their sell by date.

Add another half hour to your regular grocery shopping outing and start checking all the packaging!  I certainly will be doing that.  Especially after a news report last night (and this morning).

Boston Public Schools have been serving up meals made with items that are months (possibly years?) past their 'use by' date!  They claim they are abiding by all government guidelines (which allow the use of out dated frozen food items)!

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Longer Days

More day time is really appreciated.  It gives me that extra being awake feeling so that I can get more the income taxes...oh joy.  As usual, Mom gets a little check back from the government, Amanda gets a large check back, and yours truly did a poor job of estimating earnings and now must cough up more than I really want.

But daylight hours have been used for more enjoyable endeavors, as well.  Some warmer temperatures have helped in that regard, too.  'A' and I have started walking explorations once again.  The Mill Pond is a favorite spot.  Particularly when we have plenty of stale bread crusts.  The ducks are very happy to have us back and have demonstrated that by their dog-begging stances.  Yep, quit paying attention for just a moment and they will tramp all over your feet.  I looked down after a momentary delay in feeding to find several ducks standing directly in front of me, beaks up, with pleading guy was planted firmly on my right shoe.  Nice to be appreciated!

Shortly we'll be springing ahead the clocks, warm temperatures will return, and then the warmth of summer.
The sooner the better I say.