Friday, July 24, 2015


We drove by this place about a month or so ago as part of our detoured route through Merrimac, MA.  They've had the road torn up for weeks.  I didn't know about the road work and got caught up in the detour through unknown neighborhoods while just trying a different route homeward.  But, despite the inconvenience, when things like that happen you make intriguing discoveries.  This house is one of them.
And while there was too much traffic to stop for a photo op, we vowed to return to it on our next trip.  Amazingly, while in the area on Wednesday, I took the correct turns through the neighborhood and found the place without difficulty.

We think it has possibilities. (We also think someone is currently living in it...noting the recently delivered, non-yellowed newspaper on the steps.)

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

All the Reasons...

that I haven't written here for too long...might consolidate into this:

I'm busy...and not just with work, and therefore...I'm tired.

Work has been good.  I decided that I would try to take a month off from tuning and work only in the shop.  Mostly that's working out okay.  I don't remember the summer from last year.  I was too busy working.  After this past winter, I'm determined to notice some of the summer.  A bit of free time?

Well, not really.  It has given me time to catch up with work around the house.  Painting doors and walls.  I have also done some prestaining of outside trim work.  I hired some work done on the exterior like replacing the rotting trim and a new roof.  Last winter was hard on everything!  Anyway, since I don't deal with heights very well, not to mention not owning a ladder that would reach even if I could force myself to climb it, I had the contractor deliver the wood a few days early and I stained it all with feet firmly on the ground.  The first bill for the work arrived yesterday.  There's a dent in the savings account.  I'm still waiting for the bill from the roofer (contracted separately) which will cause a gaping abyss in my account. 

Other than those things I'm still busy shuttling A to work.  Then there's keeping up with Mom's bills and chores.  Mom's short term memory is very...short.  Knowing that she can't help it should help me deal with it...but it still is extremely frustrating.  That won't get any easier.

And on top of all the family and house and working stuff, there's the historic society.  They assured me that if I would be vice president for a term (three years) that I would not have to take over as president.  Uh huh.  The best I will offer is to be an interim for a year.  They need to find someone else...maybe someone who is retired?

That's REtired...not just too tired.

I'll try to be here more often.