Tuesday, June 10, 2014

June Is Off to a Good Start


The weather has improved, considerably.  The veggie garden is looking pretty good and we even have tomatoes on the plants. 
Work is good, a bit better than steady.  I currently have a key job in the shop that has required a bit of thought and planning (like first removing 156 little brads that my machine blades don't like).  I enjoy having to think a bit about work. 
"waterfall" style keys...no overhang at front and non-parallel top to bottom
The only hitch this month was that I was scheduled to report for jury duty on the 9th.  Well drat.  No time for that.  Fortunately, when I called the juror line "on the business day prior to the date of service", I was informed by a pleasant recording that my group did not need to report.  Yes, June is starting off great!  More good stuff...I cleaned all our windows last Sunday.  The world looks so much brighter.

I feel somewhat inspired to get caught up with lots of stuff.  I bought stain to re-stain our porch and part of the house than looks worn.  I'm in the process of getting all the materials together to re-roof the weather side roof of the shed.  And finally, I'm designing a new business card.  I think I've come up with a nice design and will head to a real printer this week.  I've tried the online budget-minded cards and don't like the results.

Next week dickiebo and I celebrate our birthdays.  I've not even had any grief from fretting family members about plans for my birthday...still time for that, I suppose.  Right now I'll extend the best of birthday wishes to my blog twin.  Strange how we connected just because of a shared birthday.

Don't know about you, but I'm looking forward to the rest of the month...and to summer.