Saturday, March 22, 2014

It's Spring, So That Means...

My annual exhibit time begins! Tomorrow is the opening reception of the Contributing Members show at the Rockport Art Association. This is my entry titled "Quiet Morning" (11 X 14, oils, priced at the RAA at $580.00). I didn't enter a photograph this year. After seeing some of the photo entries...maybe I should have...well, there is next year. Anyway, it's difficult to capture the true look of an oil painting with a photograph, but you get the general idea. You can see it in real life, and all the other artist's works, tomorrow through April 19th.

Friday, March 14, 2014

The I Give Up Factor

Yep, been thinking a lot along that line lately.  I just seem to be trying to shovel molasses uphill about everything!

The company A works for is dumping health insurance coverage for its part time employees.  95% of the employees are part time. Anyway, this month she MUST sign up for health insurance under the new Affordable Care Act.  (No lectures from those who hate it, please)  So, A hasn't a clue how to deal with such rigmarole as is on the state falls to me to help.  I have spent several hours online trying to get her signed up.  She qualifies for state aid paying for the insurance.  First they wouldn't accept her application as they couldn't verify her information.  I called.  We sent a copy of her state ID as requested.  She got a phone call saying that she could complete her application online.  That was my job this morning.  Over an hour at the computer and four phone calls later (the type where you have to listen to the long intro message then choose 1 or 2 in answering several automated questions) (oh, make that 5 calls, they disconnected me after making my choices one time and I had to start again), they finally accepted her application determining she was eligible for state aid but they needed proof of residency.  Mind you, she has paid state income tax for the last 11 years and has voted here for 12 years...not to mention that they have a copy of her state ID.  So that was my last phone call...what to send them?  They wanted a utility bill in her name...nope. How about her cell phone bill?...nope, family plan.  We finally settled on a notarized letter from me stating that she lives with me, here, at this address, which they should already know.

Just mailed that to them.

Hopefully she'll get a letter with her options for a health plan without having to jump through more hoops.

Then, both of our humidifiers have quit working.  Same style, same manufacturer.  Holmes.  I emailed the company.  They asked for the special date code on the prong.  I sent the two codes.  They replied that they were out of warranty...even though one was purchased only a month ago.  I emailed back that I would never buy another of their products...ever.

The SC estate settlement still sits in limbo.  Just needs the judge to sign off on it and the funds can be dispersed.  We wait..........and wait.  They say that they are running behind.....6 months?

I have my hotel registration all set and, last month, sent a check for my seminar registration for NEESCO (piano technician seminar).  I haven't received confirmation of the seminar payment...I need to check on that. 

Why is everything so darn painful to get accomplished?

What next?