Thursday, January 29, 2009

Not So Recently Read

While I have a moment, I thought I should catch up on the sidebar book. We Bought a Zoo is a great story. It had a bit of everything from family life, tragedy, humor, conservationism, education, and strategic planning. The Dartmoor Zoological Park is located in southwestern England. If you have a chance, go have a visit for me, dickiebo and B. (Yes, I realize it is a bit of a haul around to get there.) Anyway, the only down side I found was that it left me wanting to know more. And more was not something the website provided. I wanted more family stories. After all, the title says WE. While indeed it was a family purchase and project, I didn't feel that I really met them all. I didn't get to know them as well as I wanted. Good book, nonetheless.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Sometimes You Just Never Know...

who's going to be on the other end of that phone line!

Today was a busy day. 'A' wanted to go to Target to pick up some things to amuse herself while stuck home after having her wisdom teeth extracted tomorrow. I was expecting a guy to be picking up a set of keys around noontime, so we made the dash to the mall mid-morning and were back home by 11 a.m. When I got in the house there was a message on the machine from the key guy. He was going to be a little early and hoped that would be convenient. So, got him in and out and then had lunch and checked email. There were a couple messages that needed semi-urgent replies, so I took care of that. 'A' worked at 3 p.m. and we arrived there to a full parking lot. Why? Well, we're due to get another 8 or so inches of snow tomorrow. Yep, here we go again and I've got to get her to the oral surgeon and back, then pick up prescriptions for her. What fun.

Anyway, I was having a leisurely afternoon, working on some necklaces, eating ice cream, and watching some DIY on television when the phone rang.

I looked at the caller id. Florida. Pinellas County (where we lived). But the number wasn't familiar. I answered in my best business voice thinking maybe it was some tech with key work.


You'll never guess this one in a million years.

It was the community liaison and volunteer coordinator for San Jose Elementary School, in Dunedin, FL. This is the school 'A' attended and where I was a volunteer. So what's up with this call, I thought.

The woman carried on and on about it being the 50th anniversary year of the school. She told me about all the special events that would be happening. (I get it! She's going to ask for money, right?)


They had decided to use a painting that I had done depicting the school (and I had donated to the school) as the feature in their program. Some people had requested that it be made in to art prints, to be sold to benefit the school PTA. And, they needed my permission.

WOW! Sure go for it! Just please would you send me a copy?

So there you go. How totally unexpected. I asked how they found me and she said that she had not really known how to start, other than to call everyone in the county phone book with my last name. She came across 'A's dad by doing that, and he gave her my phone number and address. They are also printing up a bio for the program taken from my staff bio on the WHOA web site, which they found while searching for me. She's going to send a packet to me with everything from the celebration. They had hoped I could be there, but of course that's a no-go.

Oh yeah, she said that the school's media center (library) was being renovated and she hoped to have a plaque made to go along with the painting as it is displayed in the media center.

How cool is that?

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Casual PR = Stressor

or at least today. How does one comfortably 'crash' a book group in a professional manner? The first in a series of music book discussion groups began today. When I first read of it in the newspaper 'upcoming events' not much else was mentioned beyond the date and the book title. Since it was a book that I had read many years ago and since I felt that as a piano tech it would be more than appropriate that I attend, I planned just that. Later another notice appeared in the paper. It added the information that the piano tech for a local music venue would be a special guest. The exact terminology to describe this tech was "piano technician extraordinaire".

Oh boy.

So today I arrived reasonably early to get a feel for the situation. One person and the host were present. There was a sign-in sheet. The first section to fill in asked for an email address, then name and address. I dove in. My primary email address has the word piano in it. I printed it very clearly. I was the second entry - hard to miss.

I took the time to introduce myself to the host.

"Hi, my name is Deb___________. Thank you for hosting this book group. It sounds like it should be quite interesting and informative."

"Nice to meet you. I'm Mrs. Host. Yes, it should be good. I don't know how many will attend, but we do have a piano technician that should be here soon. She'll be available to answer questions."

"Oh, I'm glad to hear that. I'm a piano technician, also!"

"OH. What's your name again?"

So already I think I'd made the host uncomfortable. The conference room filled with people. A decent sized crowd for a book discussion. Maybe 25, give or take a few. Once the 'expert' arrived the session got underway. First came introductions. Mrs. Host being particular to introduce A-List tech AND ME. I glanced at A-List tech. She seemed surprised, so I commented that I was there more in a group participant capacity. A-List tech commented that she'd rather stay in the background unless there were specific questions for her.


I will say that it was a good group. I imagine that most of the folks there were somehow involved with the music venue in town. Some faces were familiar. I think most were members of the higher echelon of small town residents. Definitely not part of my social circle, but hey, there was no turning back at that point!

So, good comments, good questions. And then A-List tech made a wonderful comment about the piano tuner depicted in the book. Unreliable, slovenly, homeless, and an afternoon drunk, albeit talented in the morning. We had a chuckle and kidded that the two of us certainly did not conform to the image.

THEN it happened. A fellow participant mentioned how fortunate we are here on the island to have (paraphrased) 'as quaint and quirky a piano shop as in the book, right here where we could all visit.' Someone else suggested a field trip. Another mentioned the same shop and how they had helped locating a piano for their home.

And on and on while I quietly turned my face and shoulders from each person speaking of THAT shop. Somehow I hoped that my body language would non-offensively make a statement of opinion. A-List tech said nothing, either having the same thoughts as me or being unknowing of the particulars of THAT shop. The interlude passed without being directly questioned of my awareness or opinion of the subject. Thankfully. Inside I was screaming of the technical deficiencies, questionable ethics, and well, I could go on about THEM. Thankfully again, a gentleman sitting just behind me changed the emphasis to recommending a tour of the Mason & Hamlin piano factory in Haverhill, MA. I jumped in and confirmed the excellence of the facility and their pianos. Pheeeewwwwwww.

Many times throughout the afternoon discussion, technical questions were fielded to both A-List tech and me. I made a point to always look toward A-List tech for the first response. Many times she did, but equally there were times of pause. Too long a pause from A-List. On those occasions I answered first and then turned to A-List for additions and conclusions. I felt I was considerate of the unspoken hierarchy.

At 4 o'clock, Mrs. Host concluded the meeting and reminded everyone of upcoming books to be discussed in future months. I thanked her, and I thanked several of the other attendees, personally, for inspiring good comments and questions. I made my way to officially introduce myself to A-List tech, who said that she had seen the stuff in the PTG Journal that I had written. We had a bit of light-hearted comparisons of tuning kit contents (she had hers with her and I didn't) and weights of those kits. Then I made my exit, leaving her to talk with Mrs. Host.

Next month the book for discussion is 'Piano Lessons'. Another one that I read many years ago. I guess I'll have to get a copy to review as I'll be there, in that group, glutton for punishment that I seem to be.

Oh my, whatever will I do if THAT other local tech is invited?

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Nuttin' and Sumpin'

Nothing much to write about tonight.looking up our snow-laden Linden tree at night

Yes, the snow finally stopped, but the cold certainly hasn't. Tomorrow should be another doozie (is that how you spell doozie?) Anyway, tomorrow is the big library book event and I'll post about that. I've put a new book in the sidebar (not the music related one) and I'll have to comment about that at some point. I've had a little boost in the key work business this week and some more calls indicating more of the same. Promising. I haven't heard from the DTA. Gee a person could starve while waiting!

Speaking of food...'A' had the day off today and I had a lot of catching up in the shop, so since we were all to be home together at dinner time...I made English Pancakes for everyone. English Pancakes. That's what my dad called them because that's what his mom called them. He was always the one that would make them (for our family). When I was a kid, most of my friends wanted to be invited to our house for English Pancake Night. Imagine a crepe...but not with healthy vegetables or shrimp or anything good for you wrapped up inside. Instead imagine that crepe rolled up surrounding a lot of melting butter and a generous sprinkling of sugar.


Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Mr. Snowmanaroundthehouse

Just so y'all know...he's still hanging in! Albeit painfully so.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

1 for every 600

This is the ratio that 'A' heard on the television today.

1 for every 600 attending the inauguration ceremony of Barack Obama, today, in Washington D.C.

They approximate that there were 1.8 million in attendance.

That means that there were approximately 3,000 Port-a-Lets for the inauguration.


Now aside from all of that............

Snow, snow, and more. It was STILL snowing today. Wasn't suppose to, but no one told Mother Nature. Not a lot, thankfully. When did this batch start? Sunday? Enough is enough.

THAT envelope went in the mail today. Held my breath and did it. Don't like it.

A set of keys was delivered yesterday. Big job. No bucks until it's picked up next week, but that's okay. The keys were delivered by a middle man. Same guy brought a set a few months ago, acting as a middle man for a still undisclosed technician. I think I know what's up with that. Can you guess?

Another set of keys arrived via UPS this afternoon, right before some guests arrived for a visit. The guests brought a gift certificate for me as a thank you for some stuff I'd done for them. It was an unexpected BIG treat and a done deal so I couldn't refuse. I'll be finishing off all the woodwork that still needs to be completed on my house - and there will probably be more left on the certificate for some new tools!

I'm working my way, sort of speed reading, through the book for the Music Book Group on Sunday. Thursday, I go for a very much needed haircut. I haven't had it cut for nearly six months...gotta look good for PR Sunday!

May my business do as well as the portable toilet business did today!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Up and Down

I've accomplished a little bit over the past two days. So little that I'm feeling rather draggy. The weather has been shiveringly cold. Bitter. And then today it decided to snow. Once again. Yeah, ma, I sure do believe you. It hardly ever snows in Rockport. Right. I shoveled this morning and then, before it turned to sleet, I decided to build a snowman (he's two-sided, facing both the street and the house).Then the sleet turned to rain and Mr. Snowmanaroundthehouse started a downhill lean. About two hours before 'A' had to leave for work it started to snow once again. More shoveling. Now everything has a nice thick glaze of ice under the new snow. The drive to Gloucester was challenging. Slick. The roads had been plowed but no salt or sand. I was thankful to get back home. Now I've just got to repeat the trip at 8 p.m.

Paperwork. Yesterday I got caught up on the bill paying only to have another one arrive in the mail. I finished filling out the paperwork to mail off to the Department of Transitional Assistance. I hate the thought of putting that envelope in the mail tomorrow. Some of our tax forms have started to arrive. Oh joy, more paperwork. I actually like filling out forms. It's just finding the uninterrupted time to work on them. I do everyone's taxes...three sets. I balanced 'A's checkbook yesterday. She had forgotten to enter two deposits so she ended up with more than four hundred dollars over what she thought. My mom couldn't get her's to balance, so I did it. I don't know what she did wrong - was fine by my calculations.

I painted somewhere over a dozen ivories and started four more. It's cold working down in the cellar. Right now it's only 50°F. My fingers get cold!

And those two dismal news things. Well, one of them is certainly in the process of being resolved. I've decided not to post the pictures unless I okay it with the parties involved. The other will take some time to convince some folks that I have handled the situation.

'A' is in a big time snit. I'm trying to wait it out as discussing anything with her while she's like that is fruitless.

So...that's about all. Now it's back to work. Shoveling, cleaning, and whatever else I can come up with to occupy some time.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

So Now What?

Go find a corner to cry? Seems like a pretty good option though it won't solve anything. I'm trying to remain hopeful, but...

I still have a little key work in the shop and supposedly another four sets arriving - sometime - maybe. I hate that part. Techs call or email and say, "I'll be sending you some keys." Then I wait and wait with no idea when or if they will actually arrive. Sometimes the techs send stuff right away, sometimes they dilly-dally around for a week or two, and other times the job never materializes and they don't bother to let me know. And here I sit.

This past week I had five local business calls. 2 were folks looking to sell their pianos, 2 were price shoppers for tunings that were still "checking around". Either they can't afford a tuning no matter who they talk to or the other tech on the island is charging significantly less than me. I have no way to know. Nor do I have a clever way to find out WHAT he's charging. 1 call was for service on a Pianomation system. I don't do that.

There's a new book group starting at our library. It's the Music Book Group. "Cool, " I thought. The first book to be discussed (on Jan 25) is The Piano Shop on the Left Bank. I read that about 8 years ago, when it first came out. After reading this announcement in the upcoming events in the newspaper, I made a note to attend. I even decided to sign the book out again and refresh my memory on it. A good chance to increase my visibility, right? There was another blurb in the paper, today. Seems the event is co-sponsored by the library and the big music venture in town. I'm not mentioning specifics on that name as I don't want this post to show up in a search on the venue's name. Longtime readers and local readers will know to which music venture I'm referring. Anyway, in the blurb today, it was noted that piano tech Ms. MiddleC would be a special guest. Yeah, yeah, Ms. MiddleC is THE tech for said music venue. We'll just ignore the fact that she's not A LOCAL PIANO TECH. I don't care the least that she is in charge of said venue's piano. It's fine with me. I'm confident she is a more than capable tech. I just feel totally non-existent. Would have been nice for them to acknowledge that I live and work in this town. Well, I'm attending anyway. It will come under the heading of Shameless Self Promotion with Style.

Other than that, there has been at least one piece of really disturbing news. I'm not going to go in to any details at this point. I'm sort of waiting to see what pans out and hoping it will be good before writing about it here. Also there are a few who are trying to 'help' when all the details aren't available to them and it's becoming problematic. Nuff said for now on both.

The countdown is underway for 'A' going to have her lower wisdom teeth extracted. Jan. 28 is the day. I think I'm dreading it more than her. She doesn't 'deal' well and already her behavior is reflecting her 'dealing' problem.

I spent today working on a set of keys (nearly finished - probably tomorrow) and printing more art notecards for craft fair season. I've painted four more necklace ivories and many more are in the works. I balanced my checkbook. Last month it appeared that I might have a couple hundred more than I thought. I couldn't find any mistakes and decided to wait for this month's statement to see what was up. Unfortunately, that appearance of a couple extra hundred quickly vanished. I may have to finish up the paperwork to apply for temporary food assistance. I hate having to do it, but the government hasn't created a "very small business relief" line. I've never been poorer.

That corner is looking pretty good.

Monday, January 12, 2009

On Loving Frank

A moment to reflect on one of my latest reads...

Loving Frank is a captivating account of the love affair between Frank Lloyd Wright and Mamah Borthwick Cheney presented as fiction. Fact in fiction. An elaborately pieced together story based solely on remnants of correspondence, glimpses through Wright's autobiography, and family lore. So close to reality it is hard to distinguish the nuances that must remain labeled fiction. I highly recommend visiting the website for the book. Beautifully designed, a lesson in architecture and it's life in Frank Lloyd Wright. Click on the book cover in the sidebar or go here.

Coincidentally, just the other evening while wading through numerous uninteresting television programs, I stopped on a PBS documentary on the life of Frank Lloyd Wright. Perfect timing!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

On My Dime

Yes, this is going to be a big rant. Be forewarned.

It snowed again. About 6 inches, which all in all isn't too devastating. It did require me to get out and shovel. 'A' came out and lent a hand. She's so teeny that I feel like she should have a child's shovel. Not so much for the weight of a shovel full, but the control of that shovel. She has very small, delicate hands and wrists and it takes everything she's got to keep the shovel from spilling it's contents. She did clear off both cars, though, and did a small amount of shoveling around them and the back walk.

So that's the good news.

Just before I went out, the little, articulated plow came around. He cleared our back right of way and proceeded to drive up our back neighbor's looooonnnnnngggggg driveway. At the top he stopped to chat with our big, strong, lobsterman neighbor. THEN he lowered the plow and plowed out the neighbors driveway! This is the DPW! They are chatting it up and doing private plowing on MY TAX DOLLARS. And to add to my utter and complete disgust, anger, frustration, and you name it, I discovered that this same guy had plowed up many of the stones edging my driveway! I'm really angry. Can you tell?

I bundled up and headed out in the snow to start the dreaded shoveling. I cleared my steps and walk in plain view of my strong, lobsterman neighbor who, because of my tax dollars at work, no longer had much driveway clearing to do of his own. Instead of working on my drive, I then went out front, and out of sight of the neighbor, to clear my mom's driveway. I was hoping against all odds that chivalry wasn't truly dead and that I would be pleasantly surprised to return and find at least part of my drive shoveled by said neighbor.

Okay, quit laughing.

I did say hoping against all odds.

Of course he'd not done it. But did he have to shovel out around his truck and throw it all over the fence in to our right of way?

One thing that's useful about me being so angry over this is that the shoveling got done rather quickly. Now when thaw comes, I'll have to repair my drive, which will probably include finding half of it strewn about the right of way.

I wish I could file an anonymous complaint with the town. Not about the driveway damage. That was just salt in the wound - accidents happen, but about the blatant abuse of tax dollars.

Saturday, January 10, 2009


By mid-week the forecasters were predicting snow for today. I was alternately relieved that 'A' had the day off so I wouldn't have to worry about driving her to work and cringing at the thought of an entire day relatively housebound. No worries. As per the norm, the forecasters didn't have a clue. My next career is going to be a television meteorologist. Excellent pay and you only have to be right 25% of the time.


By the end of the week they had changed the predictions. Snow would be moving in to our area at 7, 8, 9, or even 10 o'clock, or so, Saturday night and hanging in to dump anywhere from 7 to 10 inches, depending, throughout most of Sunday. Should be moderating to just snow showers by early to mid afternoon on Sunday. Naturally, 'A' is working on Sunday, 3 - 8 p.m.. Do you think the roads will be clear?


This morning 'A' and I headed for the bank, the gas station, and then the mall. I needed to buy packing tape (how exciting) and some photo paper for some 8 X 10 work I'm doing. 'A' bought entertainment. A few CDs and a DVD.

Got home, had lunch, and then took my mom to Ace for a new bedroom doorknob (they didn't have what she wanted) and an outdoor thermometer. Came home and froze my little fingers mounting the thermometer which was reading 24°F. Screws just don't like to go in to frozen pressure treated lumber! Once that was finished (with only one knuckle gouged) we all headed for the library. Both my mom and I each got two books and 'A' got a Beatles anthology CD. A quick stop at a crowded grocery store and it was back home for us. The idea was to park my mom's car well over in her parking area so that I'd be able to use the little snowblower on her drive tomorrow. That didn't happen. The parking area is sheer ice from the frozen drizzle of the other night. I'm afraid that I wouldn't get her car back out of there, 4-wheel drive or not! So I guess it'll be shovel, shovel, shovel tomorrow.

On a positive side are the two books to read. The first is entitled, We Bought a Zoo. The jacket says, "The amazing true story of a young family, a broken down zoo, and the 200 wild animals that change their lives forever." It's by Benjamin Mee. Sounds like a good one. The other is Liberty, by Garrison Keillor. And well, it's Garrison Keillor....and after all the title and me...

So now I'm armed and ready. Bring on the snow!

( although all would be forgiven if it doesn't)

Friday, January 09, 2009

Published, Again!

Should I consider this to be a good omen of the year to come? My Piano Technician's Journal arrived in the mail, today, and I glanced through it while having my lunch. There it was on page 8, Tips, Tools & Techniques, the piano lifting box that I built. Here's a copy of the page with the other articles hidden.

Thursday, January 08, 2009

I Shall Be Wealthy!

Barack Obama just told me so.

In an unprecendented pre-inauguration speech, Barack Obama just said that those who have worked hard and are responsible will be rewarded.


Yeah, I know. But can I still have hope?

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

What To Do...

when there's nothing to do. Why blog, of course. I can't find a darn thing on TV that even keeps my interest for a few minutes. I haven't a good book to read at the moment. I finished reading Water for Elephants (sidebar). It was a little raunchy, but considering the subject matter - circus life in the 1930's - I guess some raunch is to be expected. I liked the book. I enjoyed the play, back and forth, between the narrator's present life and his circus life memories. A really cool ending. I've also finished reading Loving Frank, a fictionalized account of the love affair between Frank Lloyd Wright and Mamah Borthwick. More on that another time. I picked up another book for a buck. It sounded good, but not a keeper. Not even a get beyond a few dozen pages. Throw away. Oh, I also read The Boy in the Striped Pajamas. Turned out to be a young readers book, so reading it was a bit strange. It was an engaging story with a tragic end. I'll get the movie from the library once it is available on DVD.
'A' and I finished the cat tapestry puzzle. 1000 pieces and about 24 X 30. Sorry about the glare on the puzzle from the window. This was a tough one! We're puzzled out for the moment. In a few weeks maybe we'll pick out another one.

Key work has picked up again so I'm happy. Very happy. Really. I LOVE to work. I feel better, loads better, when I keep busy. I'm working on more ivory jewelry, as well.

Got chatting today with a piano tech friend and the discussion turned to talk about growing up in the 60's and, well of course, the Beatles. I mentioned having visited the Cavern Club, in Liverpool, on and for my 11th birthday. Which just happens to be the same date as Paul McCartney's - June 18. So, here's dad and deb on the stage at the Cavern Club, June 18, 1966. While in Liverpool, I bought the British version of the Rubber Soul album, which I never should have loaned to a high school friend. Never saw it again. So Chris, if you read this, I want my Rubber Soul album back!

I can't figure out the minds of our DPW. Maybe I shouldn't even try! On New Year's Eve we were blasted with about 8 inches of drifting snow and frigid temperatures. The plow came by my back road once. No salt, no sand. I went out and cleared an enormous area behind my truck (and on the road) so that there would be less 'plow-in' when they came back late at night. Certainly they would be back, right? Wrong. New Year's Day I had to shovel out the road that had drifted in waist high! I shoveled and snowblowed, shoveled and snowblowed until there was enough width to get my truck down to the corner of our property and a road that they HAD plowed. My snowblower is a small electric model that will only handle about a six inch snow. Because, like mom promised, "It hardly snows at all in Rockport." Pfft, I DID know better. So today we had a little coating of snow, then some sleet, then a lot of rain. No big deal. They plowed my back road three times! Salted and sanded during the worst of the rain. Huh? It's a hill, it'll all wash away! Now the rain has stopped. A very fine mist is in the air and the temperatures are dropping. The wet porch steps have frozen. The salt and sand truck is nowhere to be seen. Why am I not surprised?

Well, 10 p.m. will be rolling around in just a few. Maybe there will be something of interest on the tube so I'll finish up here and hope. Night, y'all.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

The Move

Naw, I'm not moving. We decided to try an experiment in hopes of saving some money this winter. My mom lives adjacent to 'A' and me. Sort of like adjoining rooms in a hotel. Each household has it's own kitchen, baths, bedrooms, living room, etc. I guess it's best described as adjoining apartments. All utilities are separate except water and oil. Those utilities we split down the middle as both apartments are pretty much the same size. However, mom's den, kitchen, dining room and living room all have cathedral ceilings. That's a lot of hot air migrating up there when we'd rather pay for it at 'our' level. So since my mom's bedroom and bath are at the end of the hallway nearest my apartment, we decided to try blocking off the rest of her place. We've turned the heat down to 50°F in the closed off end. Of course that means the heat level for her bed and bath are running from that low thermostat. We're hoping that by leaving the door open from my living quarters some of my heat will migrate and 'subsidize' the heat in her bed and bath.

So mom has moved in with us. For about two and a half months. If it works. And if it saves enough money to be worth the inconvenience.
the blocked hallway

Saturday, January 03, 2009

I Am So Out of Touch

old train ironwork

I've been feeling that way for some time now. The more I hear and see the more convinced I am that I somehow don't quite fit with things anymore. A new online acquaintance and I touched on this subject just about a week ago. In our brief discussion I mentioned how much I enjoy owning, and using, a hand-crank radio. I absolutely love pumping a player piano. I gain pleasure in waving to folks I know. I try my best to be considerate of other drivers on the road, folks in line, other pedestrians on the sidewalk. I don't understand being tied to a cell phone or text messaging while hanging out with my friends. I have one credit card and it does everything I need it to do, and that's not often. I've never owned a house with more than 2,000 sq. ft. nor a luxury car. My living quarters have always been comfortable and filled with carefully chosen pieces and family items. No Rooms to Go for me. My vehicles have been dependable for getting me from one place to another (most of the time). I find more enjoyment in discovering unique and creative things than in elegant functions. Hidden treasures. I'd rather own things that I take care of and, if they break, I can fix them rather than throw away and buy new. I just watched a TV show where a couple was looking for a vacation home. They paid 1.5 million for a 5,000 sq. ft. VACATION home for TWO PEOPLE! Heck, I wouldn't want to have to take care of it! And what ever happened to young couple buying 'starter homes'? Now they want at least three bedrooms, three baths, an office, a 'guys' room, and more. Speaking of TV. I'm perfectly happy with my 19" color set and basic cable. I agree that flat screens are cool, but only because they are less aesthetically intrusive. If and when my 19" plain old set gives up, I guess I'll buy a flat screen, but no bigger please. Surround sound? Really, why? iPod? mp3? not me. I did give in a buy an inexpensive digital camera.

In business, I want to do what is best for my customer, not my pocketbook. Don't ever ask me to sell something I don't believe in or to convince a customer that they need what I know they don't. I'm on time to my appointments and when I enter a customer's house, I remove my shoes. Especially with rain and snow!

I give when I can and try to take very little.

I try to be a good neighbor. Helpful, quiet, sociable.

I am so out of touch.

End of an Era

Those are the words from QRS Music in Buffalo, NY as they cease production of piano rolls at the Buffalo facility. Read the story here in the Buffalo News.

Yes, new piano rolls will still be available through QRS for some time and also through the many small roll cutters around the country.

Just a shame, though.

It hasn't been good news for the player piano industry for a couple weeks. On Christmas Day, Durrell Armstrong, founder and president of Player Piano Supply Company, died of a heart attack. The business will remain open, at least on a temporary basis. There has been no indication of the long term plans.