Friday, October 14, 2011

Two Day Vacation!

That's right, I managed to take a two day vacation this year!
great photo day

Weather and work happily coordinated to give us a clear and colorful time off in North Conway, NH.  While this seems to be a recurring spot for our vacations, we do try to do something different on each visit.  That gets kind of challenging after 50 or so years of visiting the same area!  After checking in to our 'throw back to the '70s' (but very clean and friendly) Junge's Motel, we decided to head further north to be driven up the Mount Washington Auto Road.  No, I will not drive up the road myself.  ('R' now wants to drive it) Many do and most of them actually survive the trip, but I was not going to venture forth on the looks very, very narrow, too narrow to be two way but it is Auto Road.  Nope, not me.  Bottomless drop offs (well, by the time you would reach the bottom it would be irrelevant) on one side and washed out shoulders on the other and a mere fraction of an inch passing room between cars as they go up and down.  Our van driver told us that there have been times when the professioanl Auto Road drivers have had to drive the non-pro's back down.  Yep, it's that unnerving.  Back in the 1960's my dad would drive the road.  Seven times in our 1958 Chevy station wagon!  I think the road was a bit wider then...and fewer people actually ventured up and down it.  Anyway, there were no mishaps and we had a great time atop New England.  The weather was unusually good and visibility was great.  We took lots of photos.

A view from the top...there's a glider below (center)!

view from the top with the cog railway heading back down

We also did some touring around town and visited the old train station where last year's excursion occurred  (The train trip to Crawford Notch),
winner of weirdest vacation photo

went up to the top of Cathedral Ledge, shot photos down in the valley below, and after a night at Junge's headed home making a photo stop at beautiful Lake Chicorua.
Mount Chicorua

All in all, a fantastic two days!

Friday, October 07, 2011

Little Things...

DO matter!

As I was grabbing a few pistachio muffins for 'A' from the self-serve at a local grocery store, I gazed about the racks to see what other varieties were available...Cranberry Rasin, some other coffee cake type things and Apple Rasin.  Yes spell check, I typed R - A - S - I - N.  That's what the little signs read.   So being that things like spelling are least to me...I very politely brought the error to the attention of a bakery department employee who just happened to be standing next to me.

And she said, "Oh, that's just a little thing.  It doesn't matter."

YES, YES, YES it does! *

(And those stupid backwards 'R' s in the Toys 'R' Us signs have always bothered me, too.)

How will anyone learn the correct way if no one cares when things are incorrect?

Oh, and another thing while I'm complaining...Mr. Driver at the top of Barn Lane...yeah, you who was supposed to stop at the sign that has the letters S - T - O - P.  Why did you feel the need to sound your horn at me and wave your middle finger my way?  I was on the main road with no S - T - O - P sign!
"You know you aren't supposed to be doing that!"
 *any spelling mistakes in this post, past posts, or future posts, are evidently just little things and not important enough to even be noticed.