Saturday, November 17, 2007


Well, it finally happened.

Cold weather. It's only in the mid 40's today and we have gusty winds. It was below freezing last night. Of course I'm not being truthful with this picture, although this is how I feel it should look!

I absolutely hate it. I feel like I will never be warm again. I don't mind winter if it could be about 80°F while it's wintering. I probably shouldn't complain too much about the temperature. This is the first that it's been seriously cold this season. Temperatures have been very mild for autumn in New England. You can tell by our plants. These begonias were planted in the flower boxes (another on my porch) last May. They just won't give up. Each time the overnight temperature has dipped below freezing we have expected wilted begonias the next day. It's just not happening. The neighbors will begin to think that they are artificial flowers!

There is hope this week. It's supposed to warm up to 55° on Thursday.


mary said...

Although I used to enjoy the cool crisp air and all that, I was beginning to like having a mild fall. I am frozen today but maybe I am just coming down with another something. Yikes. I am getting really cranky - either get sick or get better I tell myself.

Maybe there is something to all those folks leaving for Florida!

I razed you about your not liking winter last year but no more. :-)

deb said...

I get to feeling like I'm wishing my life away when each autumn I start counting the weeks until spring. This even happened to a certain extent while I lived in Florida. When you are there year round you notice the slightest seasonal changes. I used to freeze down there in Jan and Feb. At least it was for a shorter period of time!

I feel like I've aged ten years rather than the actual five since moving back north.

BTW, I miss having a chance to chat. We need to get together soon!

Who Me? said...

They look beautiful.

I love the cold! I do the opposite to you and wish that summer would be over and done with quickly. I hate the heat!!

We need to do a swap!

deb said...

Oh for 80 - 90°F year round. Heaven for me! It's supposed to go down in the twenties tonight, only low 40's during the day tomorrow. I'm ready to switch anytime!