Thursday, January 21, 2010

If You Can't Find Me

This is where I am. For the next millennium it would seem. Two sets of keys went out today. One of which was picked up by the tech, the other was shipped out. That left three sets to finish. That is until three more box-fulls were found waiting at my door. Another two are due to arrive at any time. And, of course, the customer with a harmonium needing repair is arriving on Saturday morning.

I hear that sleep is overrated.


dickiebo said...

Just keep your pretty little head down, gal! lol.

Kippers Dickie said...

And you manage to get them to all go back together?
And in the right order in the right piano?
Genius....Pure genius!

Elizabeth down the street said...

I can't imagine the parts of that many pianos all in once place and not connected! I will pray for no earthquakes so they don't get shuffled!

deb said...

Well folks, they are all numbered and thankfully each set is slighty different from the next. My biggest fear when I've got so many going at once is shipping the wrong set back to the tech! To prevent this each set is labeled with the tech's name and also with the job type.

Everything triple checked!

deb said...

An update. Set number one has new keytops ready to buff and new key bushings. Sets two through four have new keytops glued, trimming and buffing still needed and two of these sets still need key bushings. Set five has keytops glued, trimming and buffing still needed, and set six is undergoing some wood repair before keytop work. UPS tried to deliver another box today...somehow missed hearing the doorbell while working. It was signature and hand-over required so I'll have to be more aware on Monday when redelivery is scheduled. 10 a.m. Saturday the harmonium will arrive with it's owner.

Even 'A' noticed the wealth of work!