Wednesday, February 10, 2010

My Third Career

Will be as a meteorologist. Tell me, at what other job can you routinely be wrong 75% of the time and keep your job along with a hefty salary? Over a foot of snow? Try less than a quarter of an inch!

Just before 2 p.m., when I was driving 'A' to work, it had flurried but not stuck to anything. By 4 p.m. it was still the same. As I sat in my truck in the parking lot prior to 6 p.m., I was being jostled by strong wind gusts from the east nearing 45 mph. In the distance, I could see the blue light flashing atop Gloucester City Hall warning everyone that it was a snow emergency and there would be no on-street parking. Hah! Temperatures were dropping and the parking lot was starting to get a slightly slippery glazing. There were still flurries but next to no accumulation.

A non-blizzard.

I'm not complaining.

Well, at least not about the weather.


Uncle Bernard (KD) said...

It's called 'playing safe' I believe.
Every day here, we get severe weather warnings.....and nothing happens!
They always err on the worst case so that they don't get sued or whatever, for getting it wrong.

deb said...

Well, with this past week's predictions they did get in trouble. Lost revenue because so many businesses told their employees to stay home.

Oh yeah, snowing today. Yesterday they said rain along the coast. Now they're saying up to 6 inches here.