Friday, October 07, 2011

Little Things...

DO matter!

As I was grabbing a few pistachio muffins for 'A' from the self-serve at a local grocery store, I gazed about the racks to see what other varieties were available...Cranberry Rasin, some other coffee cake type things and Apple Rasin.  Yes spell check, I typed R - A - S - I - N.  That's what the little signs read.   So being that things like spelling are least to me...I very politely brought the error to the attention of a bakery department employee who just happened to be standing next to me.

And she said, "Oh, that's just a little thing.  It doesn't matter."

YES, YES, YES it does! *

(And those stupid backwards 'R' s in the Toys 'R' Us signs have always bothered me, too.)

How will anyone learn the correct way if no one cares when things are incorrect?

Oh, and another thing while I'm complaining...Mr. Driver at the top of Barn Lane...yeah, you who was supposed to stop at the sign that has the letters S - T - O - P.  Why did you feel the need to sound your horn at me and wave your middle finger my way?  I was on the main road with no S - T - O - P sign!
"You know you aren't supposed to be doing that!"
 *any spelling mistakes in this post, past posts, or future posts, are evidently just little things and not important enough to even be noticed.


John0 Juanderlust said...

Backwards Rs and other letters are definitely irksome, as are word that use K for no apparent reason other than to cheese up the image. Kamp, kountry kookin', etc.

Probably that guy at the stop sign is a Kumpany that uses backwards S and all that to make the thing more kiddish. I can hear those people brainstorming this garbage now.
the end

Annette said...

I agree with you,I think spelling is very important.
It's part of our language and should not be dismised.

Annette said...

I mean "dismissed"
What a laugh, I mis-spelt that!!!

Class factotum said...

I am trying not to be such a grouch about such things, as my husband's parents complain about this stuff and they are jerks and I want to be nothing like them, but I have to admit that when I see the sign "Apple's $1.29," I whip out my pen and scratch out the apostrophe.

deb said...

Oh, oh, now you've given me a wonderful idea. Yep, next time those little R-A-S-I-N signs are getting dressed up with an 'I' each. (They still haven't fixed them.) And speaking of dressed...they had a Halloween party poster encouraging customers to come dresed up. Not to mention several months ago when employees were asked to chair for their favorite contestant at a bagging competition.