Friday, March 23, 2012

Who's Buried In Rowe's Tomb?

Yesterday, R and I made the last-of-the-season woods walk.  Too many nasty, illness-bearing ticks are becoming active.  Our last walk was to locate Major John Rowe's tomb.  Major John Rowe was a Revolutionary War veteran and some of our local maps...Forest Fire Department and the Eben'r Pool map are just two...mark the location of Major John Rowe's tomb.
My red mark shows the designation "Major John Rowe's tomb"

So we set out on our quest at the top of Rowe Avenue.  Our last visit to this area did not yield the discovery of the tomb.  Last time we found the remnants of a large quarry building and that was fun to explore and photograph.
Old stone building
A shot from inside the building

This time we found the tomb.  Or, at least, something very tomb-like in the area designated as THE tomb on the maps.
Tomb-like structure built into the hillside

The tomb has been opened.  And graffiti-ed inside.
Large, rectangular vault built from quarried stones and cement

Now, there is a problem with this entire tomb thing.  I did a bit of research about Major John Rowe and that research confirms the information on file at Find-A-Grave.

Birth:    Aug. 8, 1737
Essex County
Massachusetts, USA
Death:   Jun. 14, 1801
Ballston Spa
Saratoga County
New York, USA
Revolutionary War veteran. Commanded a company of militia at the Battle of Bunker Hill.
Note: Memorial stone (in Union Cemetery, Rockport). Major Rowe is buried in Briggs Cemetery, Ballston Township, New York.

Indeed.  So, if the Major is buried in New York and there is a memorial plaque at Union Cemetery in Rockport...what's up with Major John Rowe's tomb?

Who was buried in Rowe's tomb?


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deb said...

hehehehehe, cough, sputter, hehe!

Devin F. said...

Major John Rowe...Buried in New York.

Major John Rowe stone in Union Cemetery

deb said...

Devin...dates too close? See my latest post. Gets curiouser and curiouser.

Donald Rowe said...

The Rowe's lived on what is now Rowe ave. The tomb was used by the family (not Major John Rowe) but by sons most likely. There were many of them. Just the memorial in Union lists many with wifes etc.

deb said...

No disagreement there. The question was just for fun.