Monday, September 24, 2012

In the Park

I suppose a few of you might be wondering.

What?  No one is wondering?  Oh well, I'll tell you all anyway.
Volunteer Clean-up Day at Haskins Park was a success!
A HUGE success.
A neighbor, a dog walker, and R loading the last load of the day (we filled it with twice what is shown here)
It all started last Wednesday when the DPW sent two representatives to meet with me at Haskins Park.  D, C and I walked the grounds and discussed the property.  I requested only their crew mow and weed-whack.  Two areas in particular.  Oh, and park a couple small dump trucks on site for Saturday. They obviously thought I was taking on too much for volunteer labor (and they were correct) because they offered to bring up big equipment on Friday to do the massive loading and hauling.  They also offered some welcomed suggestions for future improvements to the property.  I was pleased.
More than pleased.

As a matter of fact...after they had left and at the finish of an impromptu walk that I took in the woods with a local artist...I got back to my truck amazed to find one of the guys already weed-whacking!

On Friday morning the big equipment was on site.  Major debris pile removal was taking place.  I could actually see the southwest stone wall!  The crew had filled two small dump trucks and one massive truck by 9 a.m.!

R and I arrived at 7 a.m. Saturday morning.  After seeing how much debris the DPW had removed, I had figured the volunteers would only need one truck.  It arrived by 7:30.  It was full by 11 a.m. and one brave volunteer drove it to unload at the 'dump'.  We filled that truck two more times before our pack of 21 hard-working volunteers finally could work no longer.  What a day.
R dragging a load of clippings from the east wall
 At some times there were only 3 or 4 of us working hard at loading up debris, other times there were a dozen folks at a time.  The average age of our volunteers?  62!
One of the first of the day volunteers working on trimming overgrowth from the stone pillars
Thank you everyone.
Amazing what a bunch of older folks can do!

I'm looking forward to seeing a lot more photos over at Mr. Scribbler.  He took some great shots on Saturday AND from the DPW work on Friday.  Please encourage him to post them.


Mary said...

Yes, a huge success and you can chalk it up to your having a vision, planning how to carry it out and then rallying the crew.

Great leadership! Splendid results!

deb said...

Well, thank you. I think I'm heading up sometime tomorrow, if it's not raining, to check out that trail...need to make sure it is indeed cleared enough for the Heberles. A Mr. T was up there after we left on Tuesday!

John0 Juanderlust said...

That must be a great town.
Generally, the old school people tend to be the ones who get projects of that nature accomplished.

deb said...

Its a nice place. Winters aren't great unless you like cold and damp with the chance of a couple feet of snow...or not. Like other places, it has good and bad points, good and bad people, somethings to complain about and others to enjoy. I'm glad I'm here if I can't be where I'd really rather be.

deb said...

Oh blah...too early to be writing coherently...(It's...and...some things)