Saturday, March 22, 2014

It's Spring, So That Means...

My annual exhibit time begins! Tomorrow is the opening reception of the Contributing Members show at the Rockport Art Association. This is my entry titled "Quiet Morning" (11 X 14, oils, priced at the RAA at $580.00). I didn't enter a photograph this year. After seeing some of the photo entries...maybe I should have...well, there is next year. Anyway, it's difficult to capture the true look of an oil painting with a photograph, but you get the general idea. You can see it in real life, and all the other artist's works, tomorrow through April 19th.


Bernard said...

"A long while since I posted"
Says Deb a few weeks ago.
Sorry to say but I'm in the same boat, except that I'm a year behind!
Anyway, like you, I'm still around.
I have just been reading this -
"America's crazy war on old pianos"
and wondered if you'd be interested?
If you can't access it, I can always email you a copy.
Cheers... Bernard

deb said...

Hi! There has been a lot of commentary about the new ivory regulations to take affect sometime...soon. It is stupidity on the part of our government, but then, that's what they do best. It will impact a small part of my business. I intend to comply, obviously, but not over-react hoping that they eventually come to their senses.