Saturday, October 04, 2014

Walking in the Fog of a Saturday Afternoon

'A' and I are restarting our efforts toward fitness with a few long walks each week.  Here are some scenes from today.
Mill Pond
The ducks are back
Foggy Front Beach
Driftwood next to Toad Hall Bookstore
Late summer flowers at the former GAR Hall
Pears delivered fresh to the table!
and lobsters direct to the restaurant


Bernard said...

Hi Deb.
I can easily recognize your artistic abilities by the way you always present your photographs. The proportions are always spot on - for me at least. I love them.
Sorry I missed your posting on 'relish' or was it 'chutney'?
It looks great, but if it has loads of red pepper, it's a wee bit too 'hot' for me!

deb said...

Thanks, Bernard. Art school background makes me think before shooting whenever possible.

The relish is sweet, not hot at all. The peppers are very tasty and sweet, especially the red ones.