Saturday, April 02, 2016

A Disappointing Show

In many ways. 
Today was the opening of the Contributing Members show at the art association.  What a disappointment.
Firstly, a lot of the work was iffy.  Now this is not a 'professional' show, nor is it juried.  So, they hang what ever is submitted.  In past years most of the work has been pretty darn good.  This year.......well, an off year, I guess.
However, that wasn't the worst of it.  The show itself was poorly hung.  Lack of care, lack of knowledge, or just bad.  Even the food was pathetic. Doesn't speak well of the organization.  Especially when the exhibitors have paid dues, paid an entry fee, and will have to fork over 40% of the sale if one is made.
There's mine, smooshed down in the center.  At least it shares this space with some decent work.  The painting above mine could have held its own space.  They should have traded it with the watercolor on the left and then given a bit more space between the upper and lower paintings.  Same goes for the spacing on the other pair.

And then.....
One of the two galleries. 

The Opening is held on the same day as Town Meeting.  Just plain dumb.  The show was poorly attended.

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Annette Hulett said...

I don't know much about art to be honest but I do agree about the spaces between the pictures. There should have been a bigger gap.You would see each painting seperatley them.