Thursday, October 25, 2007

Annisquam Puzzler

A few weeks ago I was hired to repair a broken hammer shank on an old upright piano. The customer wasn't sure they would be home, so they gave me the address, said the front door would be open, and they would leave payment on the piano. The home was on the water in Annisquam. Annisquam is a picturesque, upper class section of Gloucester. Lots of old homes on private roads. Great, I thought, I'll take the camera!

I was amazed that I found the home on my first try. Weaving around narrow private roads that were indistinguishable from driveways, then down a steep winding narrow road to the end. What a view. Guess what? The husband of the client had just arrived home and waited for me at the gate that led to the front yard and door. I thought it best to leave my camera in the truck for the time being. After all, I'd certainly have opportunity for picture taking once I was leaving.

The job was simple, getting access to the spot in the piano wasn't. As I was working, Mr. Client announced that he would be leaving for their summer home up the street. Huh? Yep, they own two homes there. The summer home didn't have "deep water" for below freezing temperatures. This house did. Fine with me if he left. It would mean I'd have more chance for picture taking!

I finished the repair, fixed the piano case so that it would be easier to get apart the next time, and packed up and left. I was anxious to get to my camera! As I exited the gated walk, a car pulled up next to my truck.

Mrs. Client.

Then Mr. Client came back.

They chatted and chatted until I had to leave for my next job.

No pictures.


I went back about a week later with my Mom in tow. Just to tour around Annisquam. I took her down the winding narrow road and once we reached the bottom I was pleased that there were no other vehicles. Here's a photo of Mr. and Mrs. Client's view. All the way across the Annisquam River to Wingarsheek Beach and beyond to Ipswich.

While we were out driving about I took a few other photos. This is the back patio area of the Rockport Public Library. Mom had to drop off a couple books before we drove to Annisquam!

And here is a waaaaayyyyy cool tree growing out of the granite ledge!

Finally, this is the Annisquam puzzler for you all to solve. It's sort of an advance version of hidden picture.

The clues...there is one hidden object, it was to be the subject of the photo, I had to take this photo on the fly as the subject was uncooperative.

First correct answer wins the admiration of all those post readers who are still going cross-eyed or who couldn't be bothered.


mary said...

A turkey sat on a backyard . . . or is it another kind of bird.

Now have a small migrane from squuinting!

deb said...

Hooray Mary!

Almost, but nope.

You are on the right track.

mary said...

A . . . . . in a pear tree?

Don't answer! Will give a chance to guess to those across the pond since I think it is night there and they are sleeping now so I have an unfair advantage.

Rising Rainbow said...

A piano technician, very cool. I wish you were in my neck of the woods, my piano could use some help. But my place wouldn't be worth taking pictures of, but my horses would.

dickiebo said...

Looks like an angry p(h)easant.

deb said...

Yay! Dickiebo wins the golden p(h)easant award.

He, the pheasant not dickiebo, kept running parallel with my truck about 10 feet ahead of me. Finally I managed to temporarily catch up, snap a photo "on the fly" out the passenger window, while driving. Lousy photo that I was going to throw away but then decided to have fun with.

Annette said...

Lovely photos.

Did you ever find out what that tool was by the way?
The one owned by your grandfather.

deb said...

Thanks, Annette.

Oh yes, the tool is a height gauge.

I went to the Starrett tools web page and browsed around. They sell a similar tool (but not as pretty). The little foot on the moveable handle is what registers the measurement. The exact measurement then can be transfered or confirmed elsewhere.

I still don't know what the *specific* application would be.

dickiebo said...

You knew it was a height gauge? And never told us. Do you realise that we have had an army of researchers trying to find out, and you knew all the b----y time? Charming.

deb said...

Humph. I waited and waited.


Waited some more.

Nobody even told me they were trying to find out.

Not a soul.

I felt sooooo abandoned and alone.

Who Me? said...

What a great view! Fancy having a summer house up the road!

I'm a bit late to solve your puzzle :) Damn! I love solving puzzles.

Claire said...

They are lovely photos. I think it's one of my dreams, to have two homes, both with seaviews... well, one view over the Thames in London and one with real sea. Lovely.

I didn't get the puzzle either, but did get squinty before I checked other people's answers!

deb said...

When I first moved to Rockport we lived with an ocean view and a view of Thacher Island. When it's outside your window every day it becomes rather mundane, unfortunately. That is unless there is something very spectacular and unusual going on!