Sunday, October 21, 2007

Playing in My Sandbox

I'm going to try to keep this brief. I've met many wonderful people online and through this blog. I intend on meeting many more. Everyone is welcome to submit a comment on any of my posts. However, I feel it is only fair to publicly state a few conditions.

While comments are encouraged (there are some readers out there who don't, I know who you are!) , I will continue to moderate publishing comments.

General laid back conversational stuff is great.

Opinions are always read enthusiastically. I will even publish those that don't agree with mine!

I love "meeting" new readers and will ALWAYS check out any links that are a result of their comments. So, if you have a questionable content blog and want to comment on mine, you'll have to do so anonymously or with a different name so that the link to your blog does not appear.

That being said, I WILL NOT publish personal attacks on me or any other reader.
I WILL NOT intentionally contribute, even in a secondary manner, to the "rumor mill".
I WILL NOT allow links that I feel possibly contain offensive material. If this means that your comment is rejected, well, so be it.

I truly appreciate the folks who READ my blog because they ENJOY it.

The rest need not comment.

This is MY sandbox. Play nice with each other!

OH YEAH....I'm going to the other Cape for a day and a half to visit Dad's grave at the Massachusetts National Cemetery in Bourne and to visit my uncle at his new residence. SO...if your comments don't appear right away, don't worry, you haven't been banished! I'll be back Tuesday. (And I'm taking the camera)


dickiebo said...

You're not getting rid of me quite that easily, pal!

Who Me? said...

Thanks Deb.

Good post.

I'd like to keep playing in the sandbox please :)

I guess I dealt with this matter slightly differently to you.

But I think the sentiment from us both is the same :)

deb said...

dickiebo, luv, how could you think such a thing? lol

who me?, we understand each other. I forgot to mention that I have this fascination with Australia.

Little Wing said...

deb, bless you.

Rising Rainbow said...

sounds fair to me........but how do you now who those that don't comment are? That's a skill I could use.

deb said...

Well, I don't know all of them! Some I know IRL and they comment to me by email or telephone. Some read other folks blogs that I do and they show up as common hits (although that's just guessing on my part)