Wednesday, October 28, 2009


I received one of those emails, from a friend, today. You know the type...list your whatever. This was a 'list your first' list. So here goes. Those readers that are bloggers can follow suit on your own blog.

In honor of the upcoming weekend...
First Halloween costume: A clown. My Dad made the costume. Yep, he liked to sew. He always did any reupholstering of furniture, too. Anyway, I was one and a half years old when I first wore the costume. When 'A' was two I made the same costume for her.

First car: Well, y'all know about that one. A Pontiac Firebird. An embarrassing moment happened when a friend and I went to Hampton Beach, NH in that car. I was on summer break from college and Kim and I decided it would be a good beach day. We parked right at the beach and as I was ready to shut my door I thought... I don't want to carry my purse around with me...and tossed it back in the car. Just as I slammed the door, I realized that I had locked it and my keys were in my purse. I tried to stop Kim from slamming the passenger door shut, but only managed to yell "don't shut it" just as she let go. It didn't completely shut...but wouldn't open either. No big deal, I thought, we'll just walk to the local beach police station and get a coathanger. Got there to discover that two of my former junior high school teachers were summertime cops. I had to listen to an awful lot of chiding about stupidity on the escorted walk back to my car. I've never locked myself out of a car since.

First kiss: You are supposed to remember that, right? I don't. It was probably A. D. the first guy I went to a school dance with in junior high. A simple kiss goodnight. Never dated him.

First house or apartment as an adult: When I got married in 1977, we rented the first floor of a house in Folly Cove (Gloucester). We rented for one year and then bought the Lanesville house (search this blog for 'Lanesville' or 'Greenough' for stories about our house, ghosts, and more). It was less than a half mile from our rental.

First crush: Definitely Tom. Never dated him. Still hope? (giggle)

First pet: When I was born, my parents had a black cat named Lucky. Lucky wasn't so, as he got lost when we moved to Groveland from Haverhill. As an adult, my first pet was my grey and white cat, Tiffany. My favorite pet was Tucker. An all black cat who stayed by my side through some of the worst times.

First vacation destination: Don't remember what place came first. We often traveled to the White Mts. or to Lake Winnepesauki (misspelled, I'm sure). Big trip to Niagara Falls, Quebec, Montreal. Several to Florida. Actually one of the trips to Florida would have been my first when I was three or four years old. We stayed at the Pan American Hotel on North Miami Beach. I loved the pool...and grapefruit juice with my oatmeal at the hotel restaurant.

First teacher: Kindergarten, Mrs. Hickox. I distinctly remember that she contracted chicken pox twice!

First boyfriend/girlfriend: Paul B. We dated for a couple years during high school.

First paying job: Picking strawberries at Ingalsby Farm. I was fourteen and rode my bike about 6 miles each way. Started at 7 in the morning and finished at noon. I lasted at that until I stuck my hand in to grab a nice, red berry and found a very large mound of fur. Yes, as in a dead...something...big. A total nasty job of crawling along the rows on wet straw while spiders and other bug thingies crawled on you.

So, let's go to your blog and read about your firsts!


mary said...

Loved reading this until the last part and now I have the creepy crawlies and itch all over! Yikes!

Loved your photos. You have changed a little bit but you have the same look as when you were little.

deb said...

Well, after all, it is Halloween week! Creepy, crawlies to be expected.

Kippers Dickie said...

I too enjoyed this Deb. I have taken up your idea today, but shy'd away from doing too many 'firsts' on one day. I may pick one out every so often when I can remember that far back!!