Saturday, October 31, 2009

Well, It Just So Happens...

that we went back to New England Biolabs today.Here's the glass building with the large plant occupied atrium.We were surprised that we noticed so many more things on this second trip. Some of which were so large that we had a hard time explaining just HOW we had missed them. This is such a cool place that I told 'A' that we were going again some Saturday and walk around.It's still a bit spooky with the odd car parked here and there, three pumpkins on front steps, a lone man sitting on a front porch.And more creatures, large and larger!Like how did we ever miss that guy last time?The original estate must have been quite beautiful.


Kippers Dickie said...

They have just started introducing these 'sculpture trails' over here.
A lot of the sculptures are very abstract and are only appreciated by art students and those 'in the know'.
Most of the public (me included) are not so keen and prefer things as you have shown on this post. I had to enlarge the man on stilts in the pond to see what he was up to?
Spear fishing?
And those buildings behind the trees look very......English!

deb said...

I don't mind the abstract stuff although not really my favorite. There were some other sculptures that leaned more in that direction that I haven't posted.

Yeah, at first I thought spear fishing guy, but then I also wondered if he is harvesting (raking) some sort of water plant. In either case, a very odd posture with the twisting body.

The older buildings do have that look. I still think the entire place screams for a movie set...a great thriller.