Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Drowning in the Sea of Key

Oh my goodness.

The norm is about a dozen or so sets of keys coming in for work each month.
Today there was a total of 11 sets.  What is today?  The 13th?  So far this month there have been 16 sets!  19 more days left...

I'm tired.

Not complaining (too much) because having work is a good thing.

But I am tired.



Bernard said...

Good news Deb.
A nice easy key to play in, is C.
Although not for me and my organ which has no B naturals.
I have to arrange most of my music for Eb of Ab.
I am always wondering why people in you area keep needing new keys?
Do they spill drinks on them?
Do they walk up and down on them or do they just wear them out by heavy handed playing?

dickiebo said...

Yes! I've been a'fearin' this! I think you may be burning yourself out, Deb.You must take it easy, gal!

deb said...

Ahhhhh, another day full of 'em. Three to ship out first thing this morning, eight to go! Thank goodness I've got 'R' to help.

deb said...

An update: Shipped out three sets today. That leaves 8 in the shop. 3 more expected to arrive next week.


dickiebo said...

Is 'R' helping? Or just getting in the way? Just arskin'! lol.

deb said...

I couldn't keep up with all of it without his help!