Saturday, July 09, 2011

She Loved Flowers

Here's an email I received Wednesday morning. Changes I made to eliminate names are indicated in a different color.

Hi Deb:
This is a difficult e-mail for me.  Sorry to have to bring you the news that your aunt passed away this morning.  "Caregiver lady" specifically asked that we NOT let you know.  I am going against her  wishes since I think it appropriate that you and your mother are aware of your aunt's passing.  I would appreciate it if you would try to not get me in trouble for letting you know.


Mary said...

So sorry to read of your Aunt's death. It is never easy to lose those whom we love and have had a close relationship with over the years.

WHATEVER reason could a caregiver have for specifically stating that relatives should NOT be told - especially those relatives who have kept in close touch with their loved one over many, many years?

Perhaps the term "care-giver" is a misnomer in this case. Something about this is not ringing true and one might well be VERY suspicious of the actions of said "caregiver". If the person has nothing to hide, what possible reason could be given for not having the common decency and courtesy to pick up the phone or to have someone else call you with the news.

Perhaps this person was not really a "care giver" but a "taker". Perhaps I am being too harsh but, to me, the behavior of this person is shocking and inexcusable.

Annette said...

Yes I am sorry to for the death of your aunt, and I agree with mary,it does seem suspicious to me.
Any way you could check this out and find who sent you this? you don't have to let them know of course, but it does seem a little suspicious to me.

deb said...

Thank you both. Annette, I know who sent the email. I have been in touch with them for over 6 months ever since my cousin suddenly died. My cousin was taking care of his mother (my aunt). The situation there, out of state and 1000 miles away, has been questionable since the 'lady' took over...literally and figuratively.

Alluded to in a past post...