Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Morning of Irene

And Mango is not impressed.

Although the storm is still not its closest............. 


Bernard said...

A lovely serene picture.
I'm so glad that 'Irene' has been down-graded to a tropical storm - mind you - that is not something I have ever encountered, thank heavens.
I get a teeny-weeny impression that everybody in the media (certainly on this side of the pond) has been hyping this all up a bit. A case of "give us a good crisis - we are all ready! Mind you, it is good news for all those affected to have things improve.
I have been logging on to Sandy Bay web cams to see what is up. There were people in the sea not so long ago!!
Glad you're all OK.

Bernard said...

Sorry I meant the web cams at Clearwater beach showed people swimming. Mind you, Sandy Bay looked safe for a dip. Cold I bet.

deb said...

Actually, early this morning Clearwater Beach looked a bit stormier than it was here! We've had a few downpours and some gusty wind. Little branches down in the yard...'bout it for Irene in

Bernard said...

This is what I have just been reading in our on-line press:-

17.03 (12.03 EDT) Irene is now over New England, where winds between 30 and 60 mph are being registered.

I wonder how accurate all this reporting is?

deb said...

I guess that's about gusts. Certainly not sustained.
Surf's up on south facing coastlines.