Monday, August 01, 2011


just a little bit.
Sunday morning calm in the North Basin

Currently...'R' and I finally finished up ALL the keywork that had backed up over a couple of weeks time.  Nothing like having a month's worth of work appear within one week!  Then....a repair job came around on a pipe organ that 'R' accepted.  That took some time.  I really enjoyed helping him with it and learning about and exploring some unfamiliar workings.

I also found out that the walls of 'my' church looked quite different in the early 1900s.  Take a look past the organ guts at the back wall and you'll see the odd blue/green with gold stenciling atop a border of burgundy and gold.  Unseen in this photo and below the border is a rather cream colored paint.  The two walls in the corner that are hidden by the organ are like this, so I'm assuming that the rest of the sanctuary sported this unusual decor!
Check out that back wall (click to enlarge)!

So right now there are two sets of keys in the shop.  One for new keytops and fronts, the other for some ivory restoration work.  I've started taking apart the 1865 melodeon as well.  Time to get on with it's restoration.


Bernard said...

Interesting picture Deb.
I zoomed in to try to see the construction of the 'spill valve' (over-blow) but it didn't show up.
What I did like though, was the use of a 'house-brick' to give that extra inch (WG) of pressure!

"R," repairer of worn-out pipe organs, said...

@ Bernard -- note also the monstro sash-weight lying on top of the regulator. Pipe organs don't operate on science, you know -- they require weird voodoo rituals and the occasional sacrifice of a chicken to work properly!

dickiebo said...

Please choose your chicken very carefully! lol.