Monday, February 20, 2012

Cat Lovers in Dogtown - Trip Six

The advantage of having no snow this winter is that we've been able to do a lot of woods exploring.  The generally freezing, or below, temperatures have kept the nasty bugs (ticks) population to a non-existent level...another good thing.
Our path from Summit Ave to Raccoon Ledges

So we've been making numerous treks woods-ward.  Recently we've explored the ways in to Dogtown from the Rockport side.  From the top of Squam Road and from the top of Summit Avenue we've become familiar with the terrain...on and off path!
The little boardwalk to get to the Ledges ( in background)

Raccoon Ledges  The picture doesn't do justice to the size of this pile of boulders.  Think 2 - 3 story office complex!

I've even managed to take 'A' to see some of the Babson Boulders and, yesterday, to take my Mom to see the same.

It's been interesting to venture into unknown-to-us territory for "R' and me and we've found some interesting sites (and things) along the way.  Mostly it's just relaxing and pretty. 
An old foundation and fireplace northeast of Goose Cove Reservoir

We've decided that we have three major woods adventures to complete before Spring thaw.  One will be to capture our last two Babson Boulders.  We know where they are, we just haven't gotten back that way.  Then we want to walk across the island from Rockport to Gloucester using the paths of Dogtown.  And finally, hoping that we do not get lost in the maze of paths, we'd like to walk from Rockport, near Whale's Jaw, northwestward in to the Norton Memorial Forest.
The reddish bog water

In other is still good, even with the loss of one client.  Every year he tried to work special in "I shouldn't have to pay that much for the work".  This year he decided to take his business elsewhere.  So be it.  Some things I can't change and if he hadn't done it this week, he wouldn't have been around much longer as I'm thinking there will be a price increase in the Fall.  Not sure yet.  It won't be much if I do it, but that would have just thrown him over the edge!  Today a box of keys arrived.  No name, no instructions, no payment!  I've sent an email out to clients in the area of the city it was shipped from inquiring as to the sender.  I guess I can take the rest of the day off.

Not really.  I've got a reed organ repair to finish.

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