Sunday, January 22, 2012

A Not So Dogtown Trip

I'm sort of posting this as a companion to Scribb's post today.  Instead of trekking over the snow covered irregular terrain (read: you can't really guess where those rocks will be underfoot) of Dogtown, 'R' and I headed around Goose Cove Reservoir on the service road.  The service road was covered with about 5 inches of new snow trodden in some areas by dogs and owners.  As 'R' commented when we were about 3/4 around the 4 mile route, "It's like hiking 4 miles of sand dunes."  Uh huh.
The section where Commons Road got submerged.

When the Goose Cove Reservoir was formed by the building of 4 earthen dams, a section of Commons Road in Dogtown was submerged. was nearly a Sunday hike in Dogtown.  I suppose it took us just over an hour to complete the loop around the reservoir.  It was chilly out but the exercise soon kept us warm.  There were some pretty views along the way.  Some spots were almost comfy warm in the sunshine and others a startling windswept cold. 

Today was plenty of hiking after a yesterday of snow shoveling.

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Annette said...

It looks beautiful.