Tuesday, April 17, 2012

More of Another Tech

I seem to be finding some innovative problem solving.

Today, as I was packing up a set of keys to be shipped back to 'Another Tech', I came across an interesting repair.  Why had I not noticed this while I was working on the new keytops?
Really?  You've got to be joking!
Obviously (hopefully) a field repair with nothing else(?) available?  I find this one hard to believe!  The key button, that raised area of the key, center frame, had split and had been glued back together with this bread wrapper clip-thingie glued on as a splint.
A bit better, not great, and it didn't work long-term
The above photo shows another key from the set with a somewhat more acceptable field repair.  You may notice, though, that this was a broken key and the repair did not hold.

Always carry some veneer.  It's stronger and looks eversomuchmore professional!

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