Saturday, April 14, 2012


I have a new one relative to a recent project.  A new awareness, that is.
Not for the website
I've been accumulating text and photographs to throw myself further into the business world with a website.  I had a vision of what the site would look like.  I drew it up on expanded plan noting my color choices and style.  It would be five pages, basic but classy.

Would be...

So I looked at some DIY sites.  Not a thing close to what I want.
I contacted a local website designer and had sticker shock...

Until I contacted two other local designers and needed to be scraped off the floor.  Evidently designer number one was pretty reasonable.

Which brings me to the conclusion that I have beer taste on a tap water budget.

I should have known.  This is often the case with me.  I get the idea, even see it all in my head, only to eventually realize that it isn't out there.  Well, not within my means, at least.  Usually my idea, concept, want or need is not extravagant at all.  It's just that little bit too far removed from the norm that it must be specially created.

Creating a 'special' website, the one that is in my head, is beyond my personal capability to create.  And even though it's not something flashy or super high end, it's beyond my pocketbook.

I must re-evaluate.  I must now start with no preconceived idea.  I need to look at what DIY options are available to me and work within them.  So that's plan B.

As I mentioned, I have been taking some photographs for possible inclusion on my website.  This is not one that will be used, but for you piano technical types out there I'm putting it here.
From a prior technician (term used loosely)
This is soooooo wrong!  


Bernard said...

It looks soooo wrong to me too, but, - is every replacement (wire wound) string 'made to measure'?
I guess so, unless you can unwind a bit at the end?
I've always wondered how they can make both ends look so neat and 'tucked-in' so to speak. Even, as an engineer with a lathe, I wouldn't know where to start. I can wind simple springs in the lathe.

deb said...

The simple answer is yes, they are made to order. However...'universal' bass strings are available...they aren't the greatest sound-wise. You unwind a portion of the winding (at each end)so that they fit. Good for emergencies, not much else.

dickiebo said...

Good luck, Deb. My only attempt at a website, many years ago, failed miserably. If you don't believe me, then just have a peek!!!!!
PS. Don't shame me by passing this on to anybody! lol.

deb said...

Oops, sorry! Maybe no one will notice!

Not bad, dear Richard.