Monday, May 07, 2012

Everything At Once

It seems so for the beginning of this week.
A pretty Spring garden on High Street
The pictures accompanying this post are from the past two days.  Typical Spring-like weather.  Cool and drizzly, at times.  Sunny at other times.  The full moon is 14% bigger with it's near orbit path.
Along our walk on Sunday
For instance, today...I've already been down to Town Hall to turn in a W - 9.  I've finally got on the list for poll workers.  Only took an eight year wait!  Tuesday is election day here...local stuff.  Tuesday is also the night I co-present a program for the Sandy Bay Historical Society on the old Haskins Hospital property.  Last week the town clerk called to see if I could work the polls from noon until 6:30.  Whew, that worked out as the evening program doesn't start until 7:30.  I can pack a dinner and eat before the program.  The polling place (St. Mary's Episcopal) and the program place (Rockport Public Library) are a short walk between.  Then the town clerk informed me that I would be expected to be back at 8:00 to do The Count.  Uh oh.  The program probably won't end until 8:30...or so.  After eight years of patiently waiting to get this job, what was I to do?  I told the clerk about my conflict and she said 8:30 would be okay with her.  YAY!  R will fill in for me if the program should run extra long.
The fog bank that hid the full moon for awhile on Saturday night
Back to today.
With the Town Hall errand done, I'm home to wrap up a few things requiring my computer.  This afternoon, it goes away for a few days for it's annual physical.  Another errand.  Then there's driving A to her dentist appointment at noon.  Following that, lunch and a quick trip to the nearest BIG bookstore...a half hour away.  Back later to drive my computer to BB so that he can work magic.
Finally above the fog! have the schedule already.  Just add to the mix a forecast for pouring rain.  From voting, to poll working, to a dash to the library and dinner, then the presentation, and back to the polls until whenever it's all counted.
Motif #1 on a full moon lit Sunday night
Wednesday will be somewhat normal?  My research duties at the SBHS will occupy the morning and I have a tuning job in the afternoon.

The end of the week should sail pleasantly along!
(Just got a phone call.  Add meeting a customer at the local Friendly's parking lot to pick up a big key job...Tuesday morning!)


Annette said...

Great picture of the moon, thankyou for that.

deb said...

Thanks, Annette. Wish I could have done better. Saturday night was too foggy and by the time the moon got over the horizon last night, it was too dark to get many interesting shots.

Elizabeth down the street said...

Doesn't leave any time to be nervous, does it?!

deb said...

Ummmm, nervous exhaustion?