Monday, October 22, 2012

The Umpteenth Trip to Dogtown

Colors reflected in Granny Day's Swamp

We thought it might be nice to take a morning walk to check out the Fall foliage in Dogtown.  And while Sunday morning was indeed good walking weather, the foliage was a bit lacking in color.  Dogtown has too much birch and beech.  They were yellow.  There are lots of oaks, too.  They are mostly still green and only change color to...brown.
Dogtown Road
It was hard to find anything interesting to shoot.  Harder yet to 'discover' anything.  We need some new trails to explore.  Fortunately, there are plenty of those for other Sundays.
The old sign marker (in stone) for Dogtown Square
The new system...gone digital.
We did happen upon another of the Babson cellar hole numbers.
Cellar hole 34 is behind the boulder
As soon as I got home I checked the list in the book to find that Unknown had lived at number 34.  Like I said, no new discoveries.


annettesblog said...

You take great photos.
it looks lovely.

deb said...

Thanks. Realize that a great number of photos are taken...very few are chosen!