Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Hardly a Trace

Watching and waiting the morning before Sandy
 ...left of what was Sandy.  We are fortunate here on the island.  Folks farther south had a lot of damage.  On island, there were some trees down and, of course with that, power lines down.  I'm amazed that we had power throughout.  So, with the exception of nature looking a bit untidy (leaves and twigs scattered about), life here goes on as usual.
The surf at Cape Hedge Beach, Monday morning


Bernard said...

Glad to hear it Deb.
This morning I tried Sandy Bay & Clearwater web-cams and it was dark. Duh!
Forgot your hours behind us.
Anyway, later it did look fairly calm. It looks as if 'Sandy' has gone inland rather than crawl up the coast.
Glad y'all alright. :)

deb said...

Good to hear from you, Bernard. I've been wondering if all was okay with you...you've been quiet of late.

dickiebo said...

No he hasn't!!!! lol

Bernard said...

Hi Deb.
All is OK over here. I've been working on my other blogs you see. If you click on 'view my profile' you will see that I have other blogs to update.
By the way I came upon this unusual picture of your favourite statue.
Made me laugh.


deb said...

Oh...seems I have been remiss.