Friday, February 08, 2013

First Post of THE Blizzard

This is mostly for those of you who do not 'do' Facebook.  Where I have posted the weather map from The Weather Channel.
Here we go!
We are going to have a blizzard here in the northeast.  It started snowing about an hour ago and will continue until sometime late Saturday afternoon.  The governor of Massachusetts has requested that all vehicles other than emergency and DPW etc. be off the roads after noon today.  No driving folks.  Guess that means I have a very good excuse not to drive A to work today.  She's supposed to be there 2:30 - 6:30.  By 7 p.m. they are expecting widespread white-out conditions.  She'll call in to say she will not be there today!  Thankfully she has tomorrow as a day off.  She worked extra hours yesterday as the store was swamped with shoppers.  As of 8 last night there was no bottled water, no milk, about 10 (or less) loaves of bread, and very little in the prepared foods aisle.  The produce shelves were near bare.

Noting other spots...our bank is closing at 2 p.m. today and will not be open tomorrow.  The dump will be closed tomorrow and open on Monday instead.  All schools are closed today.  There is NO on-street parking through tomorrow night.  Most events have been postponed.  In less than an hour, most everything will be shut down!

High tide is expected to be a problem.

I have no tunings scheduled for today.  I do have to sets of keys in the shop and I've been working on them so that they are past the 'need power' to finish stage.  At least one set will be able to be shipped on Monday no matter what...well, as long as the shipping place has power!  The other set hasn't been prepaid so I'm not so concerned about the time frame.  They know I will not return ship unless they are paid up.

We are prepared for the storm.  Plenty of food and water in case we are snowed in for weeks (grin).  Four shovels.  Both vehicles are parked in the front so that there will be less shoveling to get out.  The other shoveling can happen after the main driveway.  A and I went out this morning and checked on our 94 y/o friend AK who just got home from the hospital yesterday and we stopped at the pharmacy for a few things for my mom.  Other than shoveling periodically, we are housebound for the duration.

Of course I'll take some pictures and post here (as long as I have power!).
We're under that mess somewhere!

Here's a satellite view at about noon!  Looks like a decent day in Dunedin, FL.
Update:  The Governor of Massachusetts has officially BANNED vehicles on the roads after 4 p.m. today.  Emergency crews, etc. only.  The roads will be closed.

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