Friday, February 08, 2013

Second Post - Starting the Worst

Looking across the front yard
 It is nasty out there.  I've been out twice kinda shoveling.  First time I did everything.  My drive, my mom's and our three walks. 
Mr. Cat in hibernation

This last time, with horizontal snow at somewhere above 35 mph, I did around the cars and just my porch and the front walk.  That's it for tonight.  I expect to wake up to something between one and two feet and drifts.  My back drive will take days to clear, it is totally drifted in.
Mr. Cat's view of my truck
Minimum of twelve more hours to go and just starting the worst part.

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deb said...

Re: the photo of my truck. This morning the snow is drifted along side it up to the level of the bed.