Sunday, April 28, 2013

Why I Haven't Been Writing Anything

This year Skip's opened on Mom's birthday
I've been busy with.........

  1. work-as in tunings
  2. Sandy Bay Historical stuff
  3. work-as in keytops
  4. getting the vegetable garden ready for planting
  5. planting seeds to start indoors
  6. watering those seeds and marveling that the cucumbers sprouted, the green peppers sprouted, the red peppers didn't
  7. springtime raking
  8. housework
  9. cooking
  10. birthday in April number one
  11. birthday in April number two
  12. birthday in April number three
  13. finding and working with a SC attorney to settle my aunt's estate
  14. working to take over as representative of my cousin's estate so that I can settle my aunt's estate
  15. keeping up with social media even though, well, I'm not fond of it
  16. more work
  17. painting (as seen in the last post) and two more in my head but no time to start on them
  18. switching the closet from winter to summer clothes
  19. shopping to fill in the needs in summer clothes
  20. reading, I'll update the sidebar soon
  21. filling out applications for various estate settlement issues
  22. time to visit with friends
  23. walks with A
  24. Skip's opened so...trips to Skip's
  25. checking out some auctions with R
  26. laundry...mustn't forget clean clothes
  27. working at the Town Meeting
  28. working the Senate primary election
  29. oooh, NASCAR season is underway, so I'm watching the races
  30. washing windows
Okay, that's enough for you to get the idea!


dickiebo said...

Excuses, excuses,

deb said...

At least thirty of 'em!

John0 Juanderlust said...

I feel like such a slacker after reading this. Impressive in many ways.

deb said...

I just feel more tired than I thought I felt...

annettesblog said...

busy little bee, aren't you?? LOL

deb said...