Sunday, May 19, 2013

How Does Your Garden Grow?

The newly planted veggie garden complete with decoration.
All I can say is it better do well this year!  Last year we yielded, I think, a grand total of three tomatoes and one cucumber.  It just HAS to do better this year!  Planted are:  3 Beefsteak and 5 Big Boy tomato, 8 green pepper and 8 red pepper, and 6 cucumber plants.  Since we had the Linden tree cut down in the Fall, the garden will get a good deal more sunshine.We've added new soil, purchased stuff and the super black gold from the dump, errrrr, transfer station, where they compost and grind and process enormous piles of clippings and branches.  The first year we used the dump stuff, the veggie crop was spectacular.  Here's hoping.
One of many poppies seen on a recent walk to the beach.
Flowering plants and shrubs are showing off this year.  May the veggies take a hint!
Mom's azalea at the entrance to her side garden.

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Annette Hulett said...

I hope you do beter this year, last year, I had a gap in my garden and planted a load of different flowers,
none of them bloomed!!!