Friday, June 21, 2013

A Family Story

This will only be one part of many parts of a family story that I probably will never finish telling.  It is the story of my Aunt Marion.  She was born in Pownal, VT and her parents were cotton mill workers.  Her birth certificate states that her father, my grandfather, Matt, was a spinner.  That was only one of many jobs that he held during his life.  Matt was born in Maine and my grandmother Margaret was born in England.  Marion was their oldest child, one of three, the next in line was Tom, and then finally my dad, Al.  As Marion got old enough, maybe 7 or 8 years old, she was in charge of her younger brothers while her mother and father went to the mill in North Adams, MA to work.  During that time the family lived in Greylock, MA, on Taft Street, in what the siblings remembered calling "the six colors".
Marion and her mother, Margaret

Here's a photo of Marion with her mother in about 1918.  Little did she know what a long life she would have, how many places she would live and all the unfortunate circumstances in she would smile and make the best she could from.


mary said...

What a wonderful picture! I love the dresses and the bow! And what an adorable child - and the sparkle in those eyes! Bet she could give her folks a run . . .

Will look forward to each installment as the family story unfolds.

1918 was the year of the great flu pandemic. My folks told me a lot about that time in history.

Annette Hulett said...

I agree love the picture and I will look forward to the story.