Sunday, September 22, 2013

And Still...

I think we are up in the hundreds range.


Bernard said...

It's the same over here Deb. For some reason both my tomatoes and courgettes have been loaded this year. :)
By the way - I've finally got round to repairing some of my accordions.
Some of the keys (the naturals) had lost their plastic (?) surfaces. I managed to get hold of some old piano keys and have carefully removed the plastic which I will now cut down to size. The edges will need 'polishing' I guess, but - any special type of adhesive needed for fixing?
Cheers..... Bernard

deb said...

I use an adhesive mysteriously called
PVC-E for plastic and ivory, it is water based. If it is ivory you will have to clamp as ivory is hygroscopic and will warp. Plastic will not warp. PVC-E looks and smells like Elmers Glue-All but when it dries it remains flexible. (Ask your local piano technician for a UK equivalent)


deb said...

Oh...if it is ivory make sure you whiten the key wood or it won't look good...ivory is translucent.