Sunday, March 29, 2015

A Day Early

The show had been set up at the RAA and I took Mom down to take a look.  I'll be going to the opening reception today, even though it will be in the midst of a NASCAR race.  I don't think I've seen one race in total yet this year.
The opening reception will be from 2 - 4 today, March 29.

But back to art...
My painting has a good spot!

The decision was made to title the painting "Night Lights the Motif".  I'm not wild about the title, but after listing a couple dozen options it won.  And after seeing the prices on some of the other art work being shown, I'm really not thrilled with my price decision of $750.00.  Too low, waaaayyyyyy too low.  Either that or a lot of folks have far too great thoughts of themselves.

Has the economy really bounced back that much?

I'll satisfy myself with the thought that I'm priced to sell.
Fun seeing the exhibit with Mom and discussing the good stuff and not so good stuff.

Yep, there it is and there I am.
Oh, the biggest revelation...evidently pencil, pastels, ink, etc. are considered graphic arts and therefore are a separate exhibit category.  Next year you can bet that I'll be entering a painting AND a graphic.  I love working in pastels.

Choosing a piece and seeing it up there at the RAA, seeing all the other art displayed, always inspires me to create more.  I've got some ideas formulating.  Now I've just got to find the time to get started and work them out.

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