Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Past Time

After the last post where the time was combined with old piano parts, I got thinking about what I have created over the years from other parts of pianos.  One side table is missing from the photo line-up below.  I still have it, but it is stored due to lack of space.
A simple shelf in my kitchen was once a piano lid
A pretty fretwork front panel becomes a 'stained glass' wall panel when old silk neckties are used to fill the open design
I needed a coat rack in a narrow space at the top of my staircase.  This half front panel and some added hooks worked.
A little storage truck.  It was once on legs but wouldn't fit under the window in its new home (still have the legs).
A bookcase (currently rather messy) from an old reed organ case.
An entertainment center and display cabinet from two piano cases circa mid 1870s
A large oak storage truck at the foot of the bed.  I use it for extra linens.

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wow thats great