Saturday, July 09, 2016

Over...Over Due, Over Worked, Over It, Over All

Yeah, I'll get around to writing something worth reading, soon.  I promise.  Right now, though, the title 'bout says it all.  Mom is no longer allowed to drive, which means that I am chauffeur for her and for A.  A's schedule is variable week to week and we never know the next week's schedule until the Thursday night prior.  We used to rely on Mom to fill in as needed if I had a tuning appointment or just someplace I needed or wanted to be.  No more.  How do I work full time and do this? 

Add to it that Mom's memory has failed considerably.  Makes me unusually cranky to have to remember stuff for her, check that she eats correctly, takes her medicines, remind her many times each day of appointments, errands, bills to pay, repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat.

I know she can't help it.

I tell myself that over and over and over.  It helps for a couple seconds!

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