Friday, July 13, 2007

Al, Dad, Grandpa

Alfred L. _____, 85

Rockport - Al ____, 85, husband of Shirley _________, died on Sunday, July 8 2007, at the Addison Gilbert Hospital in Gloucester.

Al was born February 5, 1922 in North Adams, MA, son of the late Matthew and Margaret ____________. He attended Stamford High School and graduated from Stamford Trade School, Stamford CT.

On March 4, 1941 Al enlisted in the U.S. Navy. He served on the aircraft carrier USS Lexington from October 1941 until her sinking during the Coral Sea battle. Subsequently, as one of the original crew members and plank holder, Al served aboard the battleship USS Alabama. He was Chief Fire Controlman until the conclusion of the war. After the war, he was assigned duty assisting in the "mothballing" of the USS Alabama, the USS Massachusetts, and the USS Barnwell. Al was honorably discharged in January 1947.

After leaving the Navy, Al attended the University of Connecticut earning his degree in electrical engineering. He was employed at Western Electric Company, North Andover, for 29 years as an engineer and as Department Head of Development Engineering.

In June 1951, Al and Shirley ______ married. In June 1955, their daughter, Debra was born. While living in Groveland, MA, Al served as chairman of the Conservation Commission and was president of the Groveland PTA while his daughter attended grade school.

Al was known by family and friends as being "able to do anything". No problem or project was too daunting. This was most evident when he decided to build the "Minoan", a 36 foot, ferro-concrete ketch in his back yard. Featured in LIFE magazine in September 1970 and ten years in the making, Al's project became a highlight in the lives of family, friends, "his" engineers and even strangers from all over the states. The "Minoan" was moored in and sailed out of Rockport harbor for many years.

Al will be remembered for his fairness and his willingness to give of his time, knowledge and assistance. He always gave his best.

Al is survived by his wife, Shirley, his daughter, Debra ____; and his grand daughter, Amanda ____, all of Rockport; his sister, Marion ______ of South Carolina; his brother-in-law Norman______, three nephews, three nieces; and many special friends. He was predeceased by his brother, Thomas____; his sister-in-law, Elsie ______; his brother-in-law, George _______; and a nephew.

Honoring Al's wishes, there will be no services. The burial will be private. Contributions may be made in Al's memory to the USS Alabama Foundation, PO Box 65, Mobile AL 36601.


mary said...

Thank you for giving us more insight into your dad's life. I also felt as if I knew him after reading your Father's Day card. By knowing you, I know some of him. How blessed you both were to have had each other and to have been able to have him read those words in person!

I went back and copied - I hope you don't mind.

"Dad -
The loving gifts you've given me as a father have shaped my life and made me the person I am...

Your strong sense of values, of fairness, of right and wrong are all part of me...

My outlook on life...
my sense of humor...
my interests and talents...
I can see you in them all.

It makes me happy and proud to know that the qualities in you I love and admire so much are a part of me.

You are always with me, Dad...

in my thoughts, in my heart, in the very fabric of my life...

you are always with me.

Happy Father's Day - Anonymous

My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

deb said...

Thanks Mary, the words on that card bring as many tears as the moment I found it. I speak not just as his daughter when I say that everyone he touched throughout his life thought so highly of him. Many of the former FM Division crewmen from the Alabama would only attend reunions if my dad was going to be there.

And from me...I have never been more proud of any person in my life. I was fortunate to not only have him as my dad but as my best friend.

On other things. I am more wiped out tonight than I could imagine. Physically (work and moving stuff and furniture for my mom) and mentally. Just too much all at once. Amanda had a new bed delivered that she had ordered a month ago, I had the RO hearing and also had to find a new primary care physician this week. Pardon my language but I feel like crap (almost like when the flu is coming on without the head cold part - achy. I need to slow down a bit over the weekend.

dickiebo said...

Deb; if I may be allowed to totally misquote, I will say this:-

At the end of the day,
just kneel and say,
"Thank you Lord, for his work, rest and play.
He tried to be good,
for he knew that he should",
I'll say my prayers,
at the end of his day.
God Bless.

deb said...