Monday, July 23, 2007

Now What?

Here we go again! Those of you who have been reading this blog for a while know the basics of the situation between the GDT and Amanda and me. You also know that there has been a discrepancy in the amount that the GDT feels it owes us and what our accounting tells us the amount should be. Well, as of this past weekend, we had still not received a check, in any amount, from the GDT. I wrote another letter, short, polite, yet curt. I intended on mailing it today, when lo and behold, there was a check from the GDT in our mailbox!

Great! You think. But not so fast.

The "boss" at the GDT said he authorized a check in the amount of $25.84. We say we are owed $30.90. The check that arrived today was for $31.75.

My first inclination is to write a check for the 0.85 difference and send it to the GDT with an explanation. Then I wondered.....what if this check for $31.75 is for something else that we are unaware of?

My second inclination is to find the phone number for the office in Birmingham, Alabama that issued the check to see what the referred to invoice number means.

What do you think?


dickiebo said...

Personally, I'd let sleeping dogs lie.
And that seems to sum it up for me; Emphasis on 'Sleeping dogs', and 'Lie'..
Have a meal out, on the 85c.

deb said...

While I am a cheap date, I'm not quite *that* cheap!

mary said...

Take the money and run. I got my cancellation refund today and I think the computer does the fixing. If it is in your favor keep it and you can get a candy bar on sale.

deb said...

Well, here's what I did.

I didn't feel quite right about keeping the over-payment of 0.85, particularly after being a stickler for the exact amount myself. So, I "whitepages" the company name and address to get the phone number. I called the number 6 times today beginning at 9 a.m. and ending some time this afternoon. The phone was never answered.

I figured I'd made a reasonable attempt. I cashed the check.