Monday, July 16, 2007


Since I'll be leaving to head for "the other" cape late tomorrow morning and returning early afternoon on Thursday, I thought I'd leave you all with a fun post.

Here he is folks...a VERY determined squirrel.

His name is Squeaky. If he weren't so funny to watch, well, this post might be titled Squirrel Stew.

We have been trying to discourage him. Really and truly. Squeaky was the second of three named squirrels that have been entertaining us for the past few months. We have Squirt, Squeaky, and Scooter. Squirt has a nice full, fluffy tail that looks chopped off at the end. Scooter has a full tail, as well, but it is perfection with a subtle round end. Squeaky, on the other hand, was denied an attractive tail. It's scrawny, long and balding. Squeaky has been, by far, the most amusing but the trade off is his boldness and persistence.

Squeaky loves peanuts. Too much. And to get peanuts thrown to him, he has learned his name. But he doesn't give up after one. He will run off to the top of the fence and eat his peanut then come back wanting more. He paces in front of the sliding doors. He peers in to the house looking for someone to stand up to get his treat. He sits and listens to the talking inside the house and then........
climbs the screen door, as you can see.

Bad Squeaky. No more peanuts for you. We shut the door and drew the drapes until he finally gave up and left. For days we didn't see him. Squirt showed up once and ate a couple nuts, then disappeared. Haven't seen Scooter in over a week.

And then today......Squeaky was back and up to his old tricks!

Today's act: Splay out on tummy and scootch across the deck. Looked like Squeaky was in basic training for the army. Oh no, panic mode, make big at weird orange thing on deck. That wasn't there last visit. Will it attack? Circle deck, no more nuts, attack screen door.

Bad Squeaky.


dickiebo said...

He must be a very clean squrel.

deb said...

Ha, ha, ha