Thursday, August 21, 2008

And Once Again

The mail has arrived.

Nada. Again.

Are you surprised?

update: I had a check to deposit so I headed for the bank. Also, I only had one 'starter' check left so needed more. Officer that was supposed to initiate a trace on the missing checks was not at work today.

There is a problem for these people. Beyond the absurdity of the situation, I have a fantastic memory. Situation went as follows:

Deb: The officer was going to request a trace.

Bank: Oh she was? I know that she checked and confirmed that we ordered them on the 2nd and the printing company shipped them on the.....

Deb: They were charged to my account on the 13th.

Bank: Yes. She's not in today so I can't check if there was a trace.

Deb: I'll need more 'starter' checks.

Bank: Would you like five or ten? They're on us.

Deb: At the rate this is going you better give me ten.

Bank goes to back room and prints 'starter' checks.

She returns.

Deb: Would it be possible to get a debit card on this account so I can actually use my money?

Bank: Yes, but that takes two weeks. We have to send out for them. I know that 'V' was going to do a trace on your order.

Deb: Yes, I was the one that just told you that.

Bank: Even one of our employees hasn't gotten her checks and it's been three and a half weeks.

Deb: Your officer told me that no one else was having this problem.

Bank: Well, it does seem to be the Post Office that's the problem.

Deb: No, the bank's handling of the problem is not appropriate and the entire situation is a very poor reflection on the bank. We are considering relocating all six of our accounts elsewhere.

I turned my back and left, ten relatively useless 'starter' checks in hand.
Don't worry. I'll go back tomorrow.......and every day until my checks arrive!


mary said...

This means the president of this inept bank had better hide tomorrow. If you need reinforcements, I am at the ready!

Elizabeth down the street said...

Please tell me this is the Granite Bank and not the name-of-the-town bank? ;-)

deb said...

I'll be going in to revisit 'V'. She better have some good answers.

Elizabeth, this is the stone bank. The same bank that gave us our first mortgage over 30 years ago on the Lanesville house. Unheard of at the time to risk the amount on newlyweds with no credit history and on a house that had been abandoned and suffered a fire. The reason for their taking the risk...the head loan officer had grown up in the house next door to the Lanesville house and was thrilled that someone was going to fix it up!

Anyway, they know that I'm very angry. They'll hear about it again tomorrow if those checks don't show up. I think my new threat will be to go to the Postmaster myself and tell him that this bank is casting the blame on the postal system. Small town politics, y'know.

Great story, dickiebo. The Czech checks cheques.

mary said...

Friday - after 12 noon

Do I start making signs or did the proper checks come in the mail? If they did not come, call the president (not Bush ). We can picket the bank tomorrow morning. We have 3 big dogs,2 kids, a visiting teenager and we could cause some major trouble (non violent of course).

On the other hand, you might need to use one of those temporary checks to bail me out of jail. They certainly wouldn't keep the dogs and kids! Would they?